Tuesday, March 30, 2021

DREAMERS's Kittens Eyes Are Open

 First I will start off with some pictures I didn't get on the blog yet.

DREAMER with her 6 little newborns.  This is about 8 days old. They can finally generate their own body heat now.


DREAMER's kitten wants a kiss, or so it seems.  DREAMER is such a beautiful cat.  I miss her Mama HOKO a lot.  But she has a great home with loving parents. 

Does DREAMER look like she is in another land in her mind?   She seems so content and thoughtful at the same time. 

And NOW, the kittens have their cute little button eyes open.

Little girl.

                                      Little girl.

                                                               Little girl.

I actually picked them up this way....I don't know how I got all three girls in a row. Hahaha

Which leaves.....                       A little boy

                                   Little boy.

                                                             Little boy.

Hello six little babies with Mommy.


     If you are still on my waiting list, if you wish to remain on the list for the next set of kittens I am hoping to have more by the end of the year.  When the girls have kittens this early in the year, they can recoup and rest to make sure they are healthy and the Vet says ok,  we can look for kittens towards the end of the year.  There is no fee for my waiting list and if you want/need to come off at any time, that is fine.

Remember to make each day your masterpiece.

Cherished Siberians

Doreene Richmond

23292 Hawfield Rd.

Unionville, Va 22567


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  1. Oh my God Doreene! They are just adorable. And not just Dreamers, all mothers have gorgeous kittens.