Friday, October 15, 2021

DREAMER's Kittens and Pictures

DREAMER, being the selfish mommy she is, has kept the kittens hidden and protected for a long time.  I am coaxing them out and especially since now they have started their wet foods.  And they will be getting more and more used to me because I am holding them and petting them and letting them walk all over my legs.  So I will be socializing them a lot before they go home.  I don't want any scaredy cats .  Ha ha.

     Here are a few photos I was able to get. 

My  little girl with the dark nose and no white on her front paws. This one has a darker coat color than the next one. These were from last week, so they were 4 weeks old.

This little girl has the darkest nose and white boots on her front paws.  She is  looking all brave, isn't she?

And this little girl has white on her paws and is a little more confident than her sisters.

But she just wants down off the couch.  (smile)

These were the other pictures I finally got of these girls as they are starting to get used to me and being handled and petted.

And here are some pictures from 2 weeks ago, they certainly grow quickly!!!

Big changes in such a short time.  But, as you can see, they are thriving under their mommy's protective wing and growing just as they should and were probably pined for in pictures by their parents who have adopted them.  All 3 are adopted and will go home in 5 more weeks.

Such sweet little kittens.  Can't wait until they eagerly seek to be cuddled.  That's the one downfall to DREAMERs' being so protective and wanting to keep her babies to herself.  But she is the best mommy and takes care of her kittens soo, so well.

I hope this keeps you going until the next batch of pictures.  Rest assured they are doing great.

Bye for now from Cherished Siberians in Unionville, Va.

Doreene Richmond

23292 Hawfield Rd.

Unionville, Va 22567


ABIGAIL's Kittens are the Next to go Home

 ABIGAIL's kittens will go home November 2nd.  Soon I will schedule their vet appointment and they will see the doctor for their wellness checkup before going home.  And I will give them their vaccinations.

     They are all doing very well and are happy and outgoing and loving.  They purr and play and cuddle.  So sweet.  

Our  little Bluepoint boy.  He is sitting pretty on the cat stand. He has pretty blue eyes.

And our Blue W/White girl.

Our Black Tabby W/ White girl.  She is the boldest and equally loving.

Our 1st Blue W/ White boy.  This one has the grey covering his eye area.

And this is our 2nd Blue W/White boy.  His eyes are not covered by the Blue coloring.

All of these babies are the sweetest and loving purr babies, as ABIGAIL's kittens tend to be.

And here are more fun pictures of the brood.......

Hope you enjoyed the menagerie.  I know you could tell which kitten is yours. (smile)  These kittens all looked different , so it was not a hard litter to keep up with. (Finally)  

    Enjoy, and sorry it took so long for more pictures.

Have a fabulous weekend.  I hope it is fair weather for everybody around.


Doreene Richmond

23292 Hawfield Rd.

Unionville, Va.  22567