Thursday, March 4, 2021

ABIGAIL's Kittens Born

 Well, a nice message for all on my waiting list.  ABIGAIL had her kittens on Saturday.  She had 5, all boys and was having too much trouble.  So for the first time in 12 years, I had  to take a cat to have a C-Section.  Poor ABIGAIL.  She had one more little girl to add to the mix.  She is, of course, already adopted.  But that leaves 5 happy families who will get a little boy kitten.  I have started e-mailing and calling ones on my waiting list.  And as so many  times happens, I haven't gotten any positive responses yet.  So I will be moving on the the next few on my list.  I need to wait a little bit to allow time for contact, and then go on to the next name or names.  It is a process, but the only fair way is to do it one by one to reach everyone in turn.  I pretty much go by the date that ones contacted me.  I don't have a numerical list of names.  So to ask what number you are on the list...I don't have that. If you contacted me in January 2021, I still have to work my way through October, November and December of 2020.  So patience is key here.

Here is a sneak peek at the little ones.  What is so cute is that we got 2 Colorpoints (don't know what colors yet) Two black, one Black w/ White and for only the 3rd time in 12 years, I have a solid black Siberian kitten.  He is big and strong and beautiful.  And , for me at least, rare.  So exciting.

And then we have 2 Blue Tabby points. one girl (adopted), and one Blue w/ White boy.

MY beautiful ABIGAIL.  She is doing good and has had one more visit with the Vet.  And I am glad I no longer have to keep bottle feeding the kittens every two to three hours,  man, was I tired.  She just had to have supplemental help for a few days because surgery can make her produce less milk.  But she is one strong girl, she was feeding them right along and quickly got her milk production to where she can take care of things on her own already.  What a  trooper.

Very early pictures, obviously.  (smile)

2-2-2   2 Colorpoints,  2 Blue Tabbys and 2 Black , one solid and one Tabby.

I lined them up like this and had to hurry to take the shot. As you can see one boy already turned around on me.  They don't stay still even when newborn and eyes not opened yet.

The boy Blue Tabbys face shows the white coloring on him.  The girl has solid Blue Tabby features.

I hope you like the pictures.  And I know the waiting list is full and there are only 6 kittens to go around.   But DREAMER should also be delivering in another two weeks.  She looks kinda small for her, so I don't have any idea how many she will have.

So, for now, enjoy the pictures.  And I have a long job in front of me. (haha)

More pictures in a week or so.

I don't know why Google will not allow me to change my address and phone number on the WEB page, but the real information is always at the closing of each blog.  My daughter DID make all the changes once, but with everyone telling me the phone number didn't work, I discovered Google changed it all back to the old address and phone number.  So until that gets cleared up, here is the right information once again:

.Doreene Richmond 

Cherished Siberians

23292 Hawfield Rd.

Unionville, Va. 22567



Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Pictures of HONEY's Kittens with their eyes opened

     It has been a while and a lot has been happening.  But for now let's look at these pretty little babies.

These are our two little boys.  They now have their eyes open.  And trying to wobbledly walk around.

One of the boys is much lighter in coloring.  And the other a bit darker.  Although in these pictures that may be too hard to tell.  But they are growing and healthy and looking good.

Which leads us to our two little girls.  One is definitely darker than the other. ( heeheehee)

And they are so very cute with their eyes opened.

These four are adopted already and waiting until the 10 week mark when they will  be going to their new homes.

And here are our two boys a few days ago.  Just a little older.

Here you can start seeing the difference in contrast of the two colorings.  The one looking front is much lighter than the darker eared and coat  of the one looking back.

And these two little beauties are the girls. 

So in another week or so we'll see some differences in the pictures.  They get more defined and their coloring starts getting known and it's always fun to see what they are up to.  But they are fun and right on target with where they should be.  

Good Show You Guys.  Now go take a nap.

Maybe me too.

Have a sunny day ( I hope, for a change) I'm tired of snow and rain.

Bye for now,

Doreene Richmond

23292 Hawfield Rd.

Unionville, Va 22567


Wednesday, February 24, 2021


Good morning to all.  Can you believe it is 60's outside today ???  The end of February, who would've thought it?  Haha.  I know I am just going to enjoy the day.

    Well, HONEY's  four little ones now have homes.

Colorpoint Boy---the lighter of the 2---- adopted by V.C.

Colorpoint Boy---the darker of the 2---- adopted by J.L.

Colorpoint Girl--- adopted by S.C.

Blue W/White Girl--- adopted by D.B.

I think I went through 34 on my waiting list to get these 4 adopted.  Some cannot adopt at the time of my call.    And that is encouraging to those on the list who thought they may be too far down to get a kitten.

ABIGAIL is due to deliver this weekend.  What will she have???  It's always a surprise.  I was super surprised at HONEY having so many colorpoints.  She is usually good for mostly colorful kittens.  But with Garreth as the Daddy, it was bound to happen sometime.  Fortunately he is  a big, beautiful, strong Siberian boy,  So his kittens are very lovely.

I have a few pictures from a few days after the kittens' birth.  And a few from today after their eyes have opened.  I just put the two girls together and the two boys together, because HONEY was not at all happy with me taking her babies and putting them on the chair to take pictures.


Pretty little Colorpoint girl.

So pretty, little Black W/ White girl.

1st  Colorpoint boy (lighter)

Colorpoint boy (darker)

These were just days after they were born. pictures I took today with their eyes open are not showing up yet so I can use them, so I will try again later today.  My computer wants to do an "update", so maybe that is the problem.  I usually find so many problems after most of these stinkin' "updates", I wish they would just leave it alone already.  ok, rant is over.

  Check later today or tomorrow and hopefully the newest pictures will  be available to use by then.

And remember, if you're on the waiting list, ABIGAIL will be delivering this weekend and DREAMER in March.  So heads up and hearts full, let's see what the future holds for all of you.

Have a lovely day, and go outside and soak up a few beautiful , warm sunrays.

Doreene Richmond

Cherished Siberians

23292 Hawfield Rd.

Unionville,Va 22567