Thursday, January 19, 2023


Good morning all my feline friends.  No new kittens yet and I am finally well enough to do something.  I have had 3 and 1/2 weeks of a wicked, wicked virus that had me down for a long time.  not Co Vid nor flu, just "some kind of virus" the Dr. said.

The way this picture was captured looks like a heart shape under the chin.  This is so cute.

And this is another (much younger) kitten who just went home a few months ago.  So similar looking, right?
Oh man, I thought I was driving.... no fair.

Cuddely, wuddely little one.
Well.....sink me........
                           Your Highness of the Household.
                          On the countertops? No, No, No, No, No..........just  No.

The Masked Avenger watches all .

Is this a mirror?  I don't know, what's a mirror?
PLEASE know I have no kittens available or born yet.  These pictures are cats and kittens in their forever homes and are not for adoption.
Hope you have enjoyed seeing them as much as I have loved getting them.
Have a marvelous , fabulous day today.
Doreene Richmond
Cherished Siberians
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Unionville, Va 22567