Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cherished Siberians
This is "HOKO"  my newest breeder girl.  She is from Gracie's litter.  She is beautiful and as soft as a mink coat.  Just like her mom  Gracie.

Here she is , just chillin' on the couch arm next to a couch pillow.  Relaxed.

You know in breeding, we must test for many diseases and viruses and protect our cats, kittens and cattery from them.  One is the Feline  panleukopenia virus (FPV) which is cat distemper or feline enteritis. It is especially fatal in young kittens, but it can cause death at any age.  In very young kittens, the disease is often overwhelming; a kitten may appear normal one moment and become lethargic and limp a few hours later.  Within a few more hours, the infected kitten may be comatose or even dead.  In older cats, the symptoms usually include severe diarhhea, vomiting, and dehydration.
    A series of vaccinations against panleukopenia is recommended for all kittens, beginning by eight to ten weeks of age.  Annual boosters are essential.
    We do vaccinate our cats at our cattery here at Cherished Siberians.
We also vaccinate our kittens before they go home with their new parents.  and there will be more on other diseases and viruses that we protect against on future blogs. 
     Enjoy your day today.  Looks like Culpeper, Va. is clearing up to be a pleasant day. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

A sleepy day at Cherished Siberians

Today Gracie wakes up and looks around and its so quiet.  She has a bite to eat and then stretches out and takes a little drink.  Its so quiet.  Where is Hoko?

Oh dear, what is this?  A strange green blob has swallowed Hoko's head.  Gracie must investigate.  What has eaten my dear baby Hoko?

A walk around the green blob reveals.....Hoko fell asleep in a green hat.  Our human parent may want her hat back.  I must tell her not to let it eat my Hoko anymore.
It is still so quiet.  Where are all the playful cats in Culpeper today?
A careful walk around and search reveals

MALIHA?!!  What are you doing sleeping on my couch?  You are usually on our lady's bed when you sleep.  Did you just suddenly pass out without warning?  Maybe I should take a little closer look...

Nope, you just crawled up here and decided to fall asleep on my couch and take my nice warm spot.   Now where am I supposed to stretch out?  Gracie must look elsewhere to nap today.
So off she goes to search for a nice place to stretch out.

What is this?  Akimi is on our lady's bed. Almost asleep.  Can you play?  Do you want to go out to the living room and have lunch together?
No, Akimi is too tired.

And Akimi lays her head down that snoring?   How rude.  I was just talking to her.  Well, there is more than one cat to have lunch with.

Ahhhh, Toby.  You are awake.  What do you have in front of you?  Were you playing dress up with our human's laundry?   You have such a gleam in your eye.  Were you busy today?
Ah yes, Toby says, and now I am tired and wish to take a nice nap.  Have you noticed how quiet it is here today?  And quiet means I don't need to look out for all you girls, so I will sleep now

Well, ok, Gracie thinks.  It was a good thing  I'd eaten a snack before I went on this tour looking for someone to eat with.  So now what should I do?  All this searching for others has made me think I might have caught this feline napping disease.  Yes,  yaaawwn,  streeetchhh, yes, I shall just lay here for a moment.

I do think I may take a nap here on the cool floor,  maybe later we shall all eat and play before our next napping session.  After all Culpeper, Va. is such a busy place without us anyway.  Let the humans take care of business.  It is a cats' business to sleep and eat and purr to make our humans feel good when they come home from a hard day out.  I shall rest up for that now.  Ahh, yes, let me do that now.  It is, after all, a very sleepy day at Cherished Siberians.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'm happy to be back, w/ a photo of Hoko

Good Day,  Cherished Siberians is proud to show you a picture of Hoko, my new breeder girl who I kept from Grace's litter.  She is growing into such a friendly and beautiful girl.  And soft as a mink coat, just like her mother.  I just love petting her. (smile)

Wouldn't you know she'd like to chew on a bookmark I made with a saying like that.  She is hospitable and friendly too.  Wishing you a wonderful day.
I hope everyone has been doing well. Culpeper has had some wet weather, and some nicer days also.  The cats seem to have their moods accordingly as well.  Everyones' personality gets into the act.  Hoko, being young, of course, is just all play and getting on the older ones' nerves. It is funny to see.
Stay cool and dry, and I'll send updated photos of Hoko as she grows. And the others as well.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

My dear friends and followers.  I am asking you for a few days and check back with my blog then.  I have had a dear friend die recently and I am emotional.  So I will write better and cheerier when I can help their family and get myself in check as well.  I appreciate everyone who reads the blog, responds and wants a kitten and allergy testing and to talk about kittens and problems and antics and I don't want you to think I am gone for long.  Just a few days, ok?  Check back, and thank you for your understanding.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cherished Siberians is retiring Akimi soon.

A good many are asking when to expect the next litter of kittens.  Akimi, here , should be ready in a few weeks to mate.  Then 9 weeks to birth.  And 10 weeks to time for new families. So Dec/Jan.

This will be Akimi's final hurrah.  She needs to be retired, because she really doesn't like being a mommy very much.  She does take care of the kittens and makes sure they are fed and clean, but what she really needs is to find a home where she can lay across a red velvet pillow, eat from a crystal bowl and sit in someone's lap and purr and purr and purr.  You see , she is a Prima Dona, and she gets along with everyone as long as everything is done for her and done her way. (smile)  She is loving, even-tempered, and sweet.  Very cuddly and purrs as soon as you touch her.  She just loves attention.  So after this last litter for her, I will have her spayed and after healing, she will go for $600.oo.   So if you can spoil a cat rotten, she's your girl. And she deserves it.  She'll fill your heart with little purring love.

Friday, August 2, 2013

la, la, la LEAVIN' ON A JET, la, la

     OLD song, but same event (smile) Wed. morning I got Tigger, my red tabby male kitten ready to go on a plane to Boston, Mass.  The airlines require that all the bolts on a plastic carrier be removed and replaced with metal ones.  Fortunately I had nuts and bolts here at home and didn't have to buy any.  And he needed padding inside, for comfort and in case of accidents.  So I purchased "puppy pads" to take care of that.  And they require an attached water bowl.  So that was another $8.00 purchase.  That was all for the carrier.                                                                 Now for the flight plan.  I went to Charlottesville Airport and "Delta" airlines actually takes cargo "Dash" for animals.  And Tigger was less that 5 lbs. so he was able to use an extra-small carrier (which is the normal size carrier) and it cost just over $200. to send him to Boston, Mass.  Which, of course, the buyer takes care of,  Weather was a factor, so we had to wait until a cooler day to let him travel, as the airlines has weather restrictions for animal flights.  Which I appreciated, I wanted Tigger to have the most comfortable flight he could get.  And he seemed so unconcerned about the whole ordeal.  My 2 year old grandson had a more traumatic episode knowing we were leaving Tigger.  He couldn't get the concept that Tigger was flying in an airplane and going somewhere without us.  Then we went outside to the fences and watched some airplanes landing and taking off and he felt better about leaving after a little while.

     So Tigger is going to be a new breeder (when he gets older) in a nice cattery called City Siberians in Boston, Mass.  And Kim of Blue Ridge Siberians knows one of the ladies from that cattery and knew Tigger would be raised right, and lovingly, so I knew I could deal with these ladies safely.  They do all the health tests on their breeders that Kim and I do on ours.  The cats are our main concern.  Healthy, happy kittens and cats is our priority.
     OH, Kim's site is still down, so please ask me about her one remaining blue point female who is available for adoption.  She is fun loving and beautiful.
So, I guess, for today, I am signing off from Cherished Siberians, in Culpeper, Va. and hoping your weather will be dry and lovely today.