Wednesday, November 13, 2019

No More Kitten Availability

Hello All,
     MAN, it got frigid over night, didn't it?  No preamble, just BOOM freezing cold.

SO,  every baby I had in all three litters,HONEY's,  HOKO's, and  DREAMER,s have all found homes.  I still want to share pictures with everyone, but every time I  do this I have multiple people calling and telling me they  see I have kittens available and want to adopt them.  Which is not a bad thing if they want to be on my waiting list, of course, but I really want you to know, I really don't have any more kittens right now.  I had 2 Queens with Garreth, but to be honest, I think its just too cold for them to be interested.  Yet time will tell if they were successful.
OK Here are some sweet pictures of the various litters.

 These 3 are HOKO's  2 girls and one boy *(all adopted)

 Here are a series of pictures of them cleaning themselves after their breakfast of wet food.

I think they are so adorable licking their paws and washing them over their faces.

This is "Ruffles"

This is "Precious"

This is "Minnow" (named by my granddaughter Hannah)

This is Larion Talisman Udachi; that is his Given name from the cattery I adopted him from in Russia;  he is known as GARRETH; as named by me.
My beautiful or should I say handsome breeder boy.  So loving and affectionate, and very vocal. He is a talker!!

These are HOKO's babies playing.  They go home the 22nd of November.  And all 3 are adopted.

This series of pictures are DREAMER's 5 when they were quite young.

These were DREAMER's 5 when they were quite little babies. (all adopted)

Same babies...........

Here they are again at about 4 weeks old.

Just random pictures of the little ones running around.  The last one has a little bit of DREAMER's face in it.

 This is HONEY, and
these were her 6, who have already gone to their homes.

More fun pictures of HONEY's little ones.

 These series are more of HOKO's 3.

They are growing just perfectly.  They will have their Vet visit in a couple of weeks.  And go home the 22nd.     AGAIN, they are all adopted.

 More fun pictures of HONEY's little ones playing and being silly.

All of them have gone home.

I need to and will get newer pictures and individual pictures of  DREAMER's 5 and make another post.
   Hope you enjoyed some fun photos of lots and lots of kittens.
REMEMBER ALL these kittens have homes and are all adopted at this time.  Thank you for watching my blog. Have A Purrrfect Day........awwwww I shouldn't have said that.

Cherished Siberians in Culpeper,Va.