Monday, September 29, 2014

Kitten pick-up times for Maliha's 7.

     Maliha's 7 are ready to go home now.  If the new owners will please contact me and set up a time for taking them home, that would be great.  And I need Mable's mommy to call me at the Cherished Siberians line 540-727-8950. 
     Gracie will be going in with Blue Ridge Joey and hopefully be expecting her new litter 9 weeks after that.   And Hoko can  also, next month.  So hopefully we'll be expecting some new kittens around here.  Sorry Gracie wasn't pregnant when I thought she was.  That would've been great, she would be having her litter this next week-end.  BUT instead she went back into heat. (smile)  Time to start all over.

MY  BEAUTIFUL GRACIE,  will be the next one with a litter I believe.

SWEET AND GENTLE HOKO is the next hopeful after that.  She is the most likely to have colorpoints for those who were asking.  But they always surprise me with the color combinations in each litter.  So there may be one sooner.  We'll have to wait and see.

And MY PRECIOUS MALIHA  is going to get a much needed rest for a few months.
   So stay tuned, and we'll be off and running again and I'll call those who have asked to have specific kittens and colors and such.
     Bye for now from Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.  

Friday, September 19, 2014

8 week old pictures of Maliha's seven kittens

GOOD Morning, afternoon, (depending on when you get up)  (smile)

     I apologize for my lack of pictures for Maliha's litter this time around.  My normal picture taker helpers are not as available at this time.  SO , put up with the low quality photos that my phone takes.  It's the only way I know how to take photos and get them on the computer.  I am learning more about the computer all the time, but a lot goes in one ear and out the brain just as quickly.
     So without further ado... here are some pictures.

This little girl's name is Valentine (chosen by her family)

This is Natashia

This is Boris,  now,   Boris and Natashia are going to the same home.  And yes, the reference did not elude me either.   And I LOVE it.  (smile)

This is our other blue girl with white.  She is so cute.

This is the second of our two little boys.  He is darling and sweet.  Cuddly too.
This is our little black tabby girl.  She is so delicate and sweet and purrs easily.

This is Mable, with.....a blur with white paws....hahaha

THERE'S  Mable.  So sweet and calm and laid back.

That's all 7 of them.

Here's some other photos just for fun.

Did you find your babies in all the picture gallery?  Some are pretty good, some not so much, but I thought I'd just give you what I got with my phone.  You'll be picking them up the 1st week of October.  Some have already confirmed their day and time you're coming.  So please, the rest of you , contact me real soon.  Thanks and have a great day.

OH YES,, a BOO moment for Cherished Siberians,  Gracie is not pregnant, as she went back into heat.  So I have to start trying with her all over again.  Sorry for those who had hopes of her next litter.  Don't worry all is not lost. (smile)  Just Delayed.   
    Good day for now.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mable is now adopted.

GOOD MORNING.  It is so much more pleasant now that the temperature has dropped a bit with the cold front that moved through last night.    And with more pleasant weather comes more pleasant news.  The last little Blue Girl in Maliha's litter has found a loving home.  They named her Mable.  I love it when I can start calling them by their forever names.  So if you have a kitten on hold until the 1st week in October and know what you want your kitten to be named, contact me and let me know the name to start calling them.  I have to make up names to go to the vet anyway.  So they may as well know their names before you take them home.
       In other news, I DO believe Gracie IS pregnant and will deliver about the first week-end in October.   But I'll know for sure in the next few weeks and will keep you posted.
       Thanks for checking in and I'll post more pictures soon.  I know everyone's dying to see their babies again. (smile)
        So for today, have a great one and come back to Cherished Siberians in /Culpeper, Va site soon to see the new photos.         Bye For Now.