Saturday, October 29, 2016

2 male kittens still available

Good Morning to all, from Culpeper, Va.

You're not going to believe this, but another identity crisis arose.  The Colorpoint boy turned out to be a girl.  I have missed one in a litter before, but this is a first that I mistook two in one litter.  But she is now adopted as well.

So, that being said there are two little boys  A Blue Tabby boy, and.........A Blue Tabby boy,

 who are still looking for homes. They are 3 weeks old now,  a little more.  But BIG and healthy kittens.

                                                                               I am such a cutie bug.

                    And I am just as precious as can be.

Who will adopt me............................or me?

I will love you and cuddle and snuggle with you, whoever you might be.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Hoko has had her Babies

Hoko delivered her babies on Oct.7, 2016.   And I couldn't get pictures to be recognized by my electronic devices again.  I have the worst problems with electronics........ok, off on a tangent I go....sorry.
    Hoko had 5 big beautiful babies, and she is doing very well herself.

 This is my Little
Colorpoint   girl.

 This little Blue Tabby girl is already adopted and being looked forward to joining their family.

 My Black Tabby girl is going to stay right here with me in my home as a Cherished Siberian kitty.  She is going to be a very useful girl one day.   And play, play, play until then.

This Blue Tabby boy is a curious guy and a strong big Siberian boy.
 He is adorable.

This Blue Tabby girl is a cutie pie, and she has a sweet personality.   OOOOPPs, as sometimes happens, this little one is a  BOY,   not a girl, afterall.  Sorry for the mistake.{ updated Oct. 24th}

Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va. is going to be a busy play place in just a couple of weeks when these little ones start getting out into the living room and playing with balls, strings, and feather wands.  They are still nursing now.  And will be probably trying to eat wet foods in about 3-4 weeks more.
So to recap, I actually have 3 girls, taken already.  And 2 boys who are available for adoption now.

     So enjoy these pictures until they get a little older and I can post new pictures.