Thursday, May 18, 2023

The Kittens Are Growing

 Hello, Hello,

     The kittens are growing and getting cuter and playful now.  

They finally like to play with a toy on a stick.  They chase it all over the floor and try to grab it and bite on it.

The little Blue Tabby girl (with no white)  loves to play too.
The kittens play very well together.

Two girls , one boy.

Somehow I always get one of my feet in the picture.  Sorry about that, folks.

Little half pink nose girl.
Blue Lynxpoint Boy.

Dark nose Blue Tabby with white girl.

Two girls playing on the bed.

Not quite knowing how to play with the chase the ball toy yet.  lol.

Sleepy boy after playing  so  hard.

Three little babies playing on the bed.

Peek a boo.  I'm coming out from under the couch.

You can tell it was getting quite dark outside on some of these pictures.  I spent a lot of extra time with them this day. (smile)

ABIGAIL an baby on the little bed.

Oh, I had to look at this one's Mom and the little  blue boy and the  little girl out front.


ooops, overexposed.

The kittens have just started to eat wet food, which means they also need to learn to use the litter box.  Most of them are getting it pretty quick.  But SOMEBODY just isn't quite making the box yet. Oh well, they will learn.

They are eating and playing and growing very well.  Nice babies .They have a take home date of June 16th.  They are pretty cute babies.  But right now I need to feed everybody and sit and play with them a while.  So, see you next time.

Doreene Richmond

23292 Hawfield Rd.

Unionville, Va 22567