Tuesday, August 8, 2017

No More Kittens. . . For now.

Good morning.  Very good and sad news.   Good for all three litters: Kassandra,  Hoko,  and Maliha,  all but the two girls of Maliha's I kept for next year's breeders,  have found wonderful,  loving homes with people who I met and really liked.  The families with children seemed to bond with their new kitten so quickly.   And the families that took two...... Thank You,  for keeping them together and having that instant playmate and companion.  
     And thank you for all the wonderful pictures sent my way afterwards also.   I may not always be able to respond (I can't use my phone at work)  but I sure enjoy seeing them grow up.
     It may be a while before kittens are on the horizon again.   But I will let you know when new ones are born.   Not sure right now,  if anyone is pregnant yet.
      Thank you everyone for reading my blog and enjoying my pictures.