Sunday, April 23, 2017

Pictures, at last.


Hello, this is Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va. and it is a COOL day.  We got all used to warmer air and not heaters on and then.....BOOM...hit with cold weather again.  No wonder everyone is getting sick.  Everyone call your weatherman and tell them to stick to one thing now, hahaha.

     The kittens are doing very well.

This is my beautiful Kassandra.  She is the mother of these four:

Babies peeking out of the "birthing box", which, now they are very good at climbing in and out of.

And here is one of the girls playing on the small scratching post play station.

Here is a close up of one of the little girls sitting on my small green sofa, Ilike to take pictures on.

And here are all four curled up taking a nap inside the "birthing box".   Soon they will not be in the box at all, they are already all over the living room.

Here's Hoko with her brood a few days after the birth.
It's a big job, but Hoko finds a way to handle it.  She is just the best Mommy ever.

All 8 little babies in a huddle.   Now they have their eyes opened. So I will be posting new pictures soon with their little eyes open.  They are all doing very, very good.
        Thank you for watching my blog and my babies.  I love them all. (smile)

Saturday, April 15, 2017

HOKO had her Kittens (8)

Good morning.  Hoko had her kittens, and yes, you read right!!!   She had eight kittens.  No wonder she looked so big.  They are all doing wonderfully and two have been spoken for already.  Hoko had 5 boys and 3 girls.  They are all Colorpoints ( colors will show up later as they age)  But Gareth, the Dad, is a Blue Lynx Point and Hoko is a Blue Lynx Point, so the likelihood is that they will all be the same coloring.  Blue Lynx Point.  Which means they will be lighter, cream colored all over, but their ear tips, tail and possibly feet will have the grey coloring.  And the Lynx part is the stripings of blue (grey)  across their little noses.  My daughter is supposed to help me get some pictures up today or tomorrow.  Sorry for all the trouble I am having with putting the pictures up.   I used to do that with such ease.  Then my computer died and I had to get another one and nothing works the same.
    Only four kittens have sold out of the 12, so you have a good chance to get your baby now.  There is one Colorpoint left from Kassandra's litter, as well as the Blue Tabby in her litter.  Both girls. 
     In Hoko's litter there are 3 boys and 3 girls left available.  All Colorpoints.  Please call 540-727-8950.   And with your $200. deposit (non-refundable, but goes toward your total of $1400.) towards the kitten of your choosing, the baby is reserved for you and your family.  And so much love and enjoyment for years to come.        
     So have a wonderful day and enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather outside and come back to see the site again.  From Culpeper's Cherished Siberians;  this is Doreene Richmond saying "Hope you are keeping a warm and fuzzy feeling inside about kittens."