Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Pictures of ABIGAIL's kittens

 Good morning.  Abigail's kittens have their eyes open now.  And they are growing and thriving very well.

This is our Colorpoint Boy.  I don't know what color yet, his coloring will come in later.

This is one of three Girls.  This girl has white on her paws and a pink nose.

This is our solid Blue Boy.  He is a strong little thing, look at him hold his head up!!

This is our solid Tabby girl.  No white on this little one.

This is the 3rd Tabby girl.  She has white on her and a dark nose.  (othertwise it would be impossible for me to distinguish this girl from the other one with white.  (smile) )

ABIGAIL loves to have her kittens in a large long box.  So it is hard for me to get good photos sometimes of the little ones with mommy in the box.   

    But all the babies are thriving and getting bigger; and friendlier now that their eyes are open.In the next few weeks they will start walking and gettting out of the box and playing.  We will get some more fun pictures then.

For now enjoy your day.

Doreene Richmond

23292 Hawfield Rd

Unionville, VA 22567


Tuesday, April 11, 2023

ABIGAIL's Kittens Were Born

 ABIGAIL gave me a huge surprise Friday, she had her kittens days before I expected them.  I really must've miscalculated this time.

I actually got some pictures the same day.  

      These 5 are so fat bellied, (smile)  We got 2 boys and 3 girls.

                                   ABIGAIL is taking very good care of her babies.

        The little Colorpoint is a boy,  And one of the Blue Tabbies is a boy.

I still have a small waiting list I need to call first, but I am hoping that these 5 find their forever homes real soon.  They will be ready to go home in 10 weeks. So that will be June 16th, or that weekend.

I will start calling my waiting list tomorrow and after,  and hopefully we will kfind some very happy new "parents" for  these little babies.

When ABIGAIL is more willing I will get some more pictures.  She's usually pretty chill about it.  So hopefully real soon.

Until then have a happy week.  Lovely weather is coming our way for the next couple of weeks.  yay,

Doreene Richmond

23292 Hawfield Rd.

Unionville, VA. 22567




All of DREAMER's kittens have gone home.  And I thought it would be nice if you all could see some candid shots of them before they left.  Some are quite cute. (smile)

So  goodbye my little babies, and enjoy your new families and homes.  I do hope I get updated pictures soon.

Enjoy the pictures.  Please remember all these kittens are gone now, and none of DREAMER's kittens are still available.

Have a wonderful, fabulous day today.

Doreene Richmond

23292 Hawfield Rd.

Unionville, VA 22567