Monday, May 17, 2021

DREAMER's Babies

DREAMER'S kittens are the last set for Cherished Siberians until towards the end of the year.

This little girl has the lightest coat and the nice dark markings. She will be a Blue Lynx Point as she grows.  Blue eyes are the norm for The Bluepoint and Sealpoint Siberians, which stay their whole lives.
This girl belongs to L.D.

This little boy is playful and cuddly.  He climbs on the couch to be near me.
 He belongs to E.K. 

This little girl looks so sweet. She has bright eyes and personality.
She belongs to : P.F.

This little boy has a cute blaze on his nose and white socks.
He belongs to L. K.
This little boy looks so sweet and intelligent, doesn't he? He belongs to D.O.
This little lady has a very distinctive nose.
She belongs to L.T.

And here are just a lot of pictures of playtime.
well, I am afraid my phone won't let me put any more on this blog post. So, in interest of getting this out there now, I will do more pictures on a separate blog.
  The kittens go to the Vet tomorrow for their wellness visit.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

DREAMER's Kittens

 These are few and to me, a bit disappointing, but I will be getting more.  I got my 2nd Co Vid shot and man!!!!, was I SICK for 2  1\2 days.  But, when I think of all those in the hospitals and on respirators (if they survive) I am willing to take the two days of sickness.

These were at least cute....but I THINK I only got five of them.   But I know I have to get more.  Soon, I hope!!!

A little boy.   Look at his cute little black outlined nose.

A little girl.

Another little boy.

Another little girl.

Cutie pie little girl.

Sorry, this is all I have.  I will do better.  I am making my excuses, but I am trying to keep going given all I have been up against this last month.  Please bear with my imperfections.
Doreene Richmond
Cherished Siberian
23292 Hawfield Rd.
Unionville, VA