Tuesday, July 18, 2023


 Hello everybody!!

   DREAMER has had 4 kittens .  3 boys and 1 girl.

They all look pretty much alike at this time.  Two of the boys have a home already and I am keeping the girl to become my new breeder girl starting next year.  My girls are getting to retirement age.  So another blog will actually be about a new breeder boy, because obviously the girls kept from ABIGAIL and DREAMER cannot mate with GARRETH.  But that will be for later.

  There are 1 available girl and I must consult my waiting list, but every day I have people wanting a kitten and being added to the waiting list.  So I must be fair and go down the line.

   I am still BEGGING  the person who kept a deposit with me to contact me soon .  Either I need to return the deposit or know who it is to offer a kitten to them.  My contacts and e-mails were deleted with an update and I have no record of the person's name and need them to contact me at 540-445-0630.  Thank you.   THIS is why I never take money until a kitten is picked and an understanding is recognized that a particular kitten is who the deposit is for.  I hate having someone's money and a situation arise like this.

   Okay, all that being said,  the kittens were born July 5th and they have been doing very well.  But this is the first mention and pictures of them since I have been busy getting the new breeder boy.

    These pictures were their "JUST BORN" pictures.

Of course, I DID wait until Mommy had them all cleaned up.  (lol)

So, soon there will be pitter-pattering of little feet running around the room again in just a matter of weeks.

Hope you enjoyed 'visiting' our newborns today.  We will post more pictures as time goes by.

Keep cool and hydrated through all this hot weather.

From CHERISHED SIBERIANS talk to you soon.

Doreene Richmond

23292 Hawfield Rd.

Unionville, Va 22567


Wednesday, July 5, 2023


 It has been a while since I've posted a  blog since I didn't have any babies left.  So I've been getting some more pictures from ones who have my kittens in their homes.  Let's have fun seeing them in their new environments.

Well, I don't know where all the other ones went.  I keep discovering many things I lost in the last "update" they did on my computer.  I didn't know they could delete things that I find missing. 

   THAT being mentioned..... PLEASE...the person who sent a message reminding me of their deposit for a kitten, reach out to me again.  Some of my messages and e-mails went missing as well and I need to get your name and information back.  Please call me at 540-445-0630.   DREAMER is due any minute.

  Thank you for tuning in to view my blog today and I hope you enjoyed seeing past babies in their current forever homes.  

                               Remember to make each day your MASTERPIECE.  

Doreene Richmond

23292 Hawfield Rd

Unionville, Va 22567


Pictures of ABIGAIL's Kittens

    I've had several requests for more pictures.  And I have some good pictures and some that are a bit blurry because they move so fast when we are playing with their wand toys.  But here's what I've gotten in the last week or so....

So the names I'm using here are names I made up for them until they go home, so I call this little guy Little Bear.
Here's Little Bear with Poppy his sister, and Molly (who's blurry, she was jumping for the toy.)And Blu Blu.
                                            2 of the three girls... Molly and Poppy.
Blu Blu, Poppy, Pinky and Little Bear.
ABIGAIL and Little Bear.
                                         Little Bear {looking through the screen from DREAMER's couch.}
                                      Blu Blu  wondering where the wand has gone.
                                 Pinky, ready to pounce as soon as that  feather wand moves again.

                                       Where is your baby??
                                                  Everybody plays
  The only one with all 5 in it and 3 of them are blurry.....I can't catch a break. haha

                                            Today Molly loved being in my lap.

                                                                Blu Blu  watching everything from his little perch.
                                                 Little Bear, Pinky, Poppy and Blu Blu

   Finished eating , time for play.

                                                        I'm going to sit this one out with you.

These little ones have a Wellness visit to the Vet. next Wed. and they go home on the 17th ( or whatever arrangements were made for the pickup of the babies.) They are so cute and will be in their forever homes soon.

Now for an admission, that is embarrassing to me.  My phone forced me to do an update and I must have hit something wrong as well because ALL my messages deleted and I need the Lady who left her deposit with me to contact me as soon as possible.  She left  me a message to not forget she wanted DREAMER's next litter.  Please call me at 540-445-0630.  Thank you. 

Have a great week and hopefully after the kittens all go home I can get another "Kittens Gone Home"  blog done and show some of the wonderful pictures of kittens who are in their forever homes and whose parents have sent me photos.  Always so much fun,

Have a wonderful weekend all,

Doreene Richmond

23292 Hawfield Rd.

Unionville, Va  22567