Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Four kittens available!!!! :)

This is Billy from Hoko's litter.  He is about 13 weeks old now and ready to find his home.

"Hello,  did you say, "my new family?"  "Yay"

And this is Maliha's Flame Point boy.  He is a real beauty and he is ready to go home July 11th.   His name is Precious, with every reason why behind it.

 " I know, I am so cute, and I love to play with all sorts of string, and toys that my Cherished Siberians mom gets me to play with."

 This is Hoko's Seal Lynx Point girl.  She is incredibly beautiful with full, bold coloring in contrast to her creamy coat.  Striking blue eyes, which she will keep her whole life.  She is ready to go home today.   I call her Ceely.

"I am, I really am ready to find my loving family."

And my little sweetie-pie, Sammy,  A Cream Tabby boy.  Such a sweetheart.   He is ready to go home July 11th.

"I love to be petted and held.  And I purr a lot.  I will melt your heart."

Contact me today, at Cherished Siberians, 540-727-8950.