Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Kittens Update

These pictures are of Maliha and her 5 kittens.  They are 3 weeks old now.  Their eyes are opened.  They are fat and well fed and happy.

And this is Blue Ridge Joey.  The Dad of all the babies. He is a solid Blue Boy.  Isn't he handsome???


THESE  are Hoko's 7 kittens.  She just delivered this morning!!!!!!!   As you can see Mom is doing just fine.  But really tired.  We have 2 Blue Tabby babies,  3 Black Tabby babies, one Flamepoint and one Colorpoint.     So more on them tomorrow.     I myself need some sleep now.
     Have a wonderful day, and keep me posted on your interest in one of the babies. 
   That's all for now from Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.  Til next time. 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pictures of Maliha's litter of 5

     Hello, Cherished Siberians readers.   Maliha and her 5 babies are doing fine.  The little ones have already grown so much in just 3 days.  Fat little full bellies.  That is really good. (smile).

 This is a little girl.  Blue Tabby.
 This is a little boy.  Colorpoint.  I am not sure of the coloring yet.
 This is a little boy.  Blue Tabby.
 This is a girl.  Blue Tabby, or she could be a Calico coloring.
And this is a little girl.  Colorpoint.  Possibly Bluepoint.

     As they get older the coloring will present itself more clearly.  But these are the cute , first photos of the babies. 

     So enjoy their cute faces, and I'll be contacting people down my waiting list.  And you'll either have the options on these in this litter, or you could be in line for Hoko's litter, which should be delivering in the next 3 weeks.  Yeay!  More fun little feet running around the house.  And cute fur balls rolling around the floors.   

     Have a great day and stay dry.  It's raining again.  Hopefully sunshine again come Tuesday.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Maliha's babies have been born!!!!!

Maliha had 5 babies.  2 Blue Tabby girls and one Blue Tabby boy. And one
Colorpoint boy and one Colorpoint girl.  Coloring comes in later.  All squeaky and drinking milk and looking good.    As always, please give her a couple of days before the picture taking.  Right now she is super protective and anxious over her new brood.
     She had the first one on Wednesday night at 7:58 and the last one at  9:09.  She was a busy girl for a couple of hours.  And she is this morning as well. Cleaning and feeding and keeping the little ones warm.  Babies cannot generate their own heat for 8 days after birth.  So it is very important that Mom stays with the babies most of the day until those crucial 8 days have passed.  But Maliha has always been a very good mother and she loves her kittens very much.  She is the same with this litter.  She is constantly smelling them and cleaning them.  Purring and looking down and then kissing one or more of them and looking up so proudly.
     So for today, have a wonderful day in this beautiful weather we have been promised and do many fun things in the yard and garden and outdoors.  Camping comes to mind, but not for me, alas , I have new babies to help with. (smile)   From Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.  thank you for reading my blog and keeping up with the girls and their babies.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Maliha's update

Good morning everybody.  Maliha is getting very close to giving birth.  She will be giving birth in the next week.  She is happy and healthy and looking very contented.  She  really  is my baby.  I just love Maliha.  I have a fondness for Calico kitties.                                                                                                    I had  adopted a feral Calico kitten from a farm field when I was a teenager.  She bonded with me (I had 3 other sisters) and I got into trouble for everything she did. (smile)  She really was a wonderful cat and when I got married and moved to WV,   she lived with my mother-in-law until we could get an apartment that allowed pets.  She sat with the elderly man next door and wouldn't leave his side until he died.  She was the darling of the neighborhood; one lady bought her fresh fish every day from the market, one lady fed her milk and etc. etc. with the other neighbors.  (smile)  She was really something.  Then one day a neighbor saw a long limousine pull up, a woman get out of the back, pick up my cat and tuck her under her fur coat and get back in the limo and they pulled off. And that was the last anyone has seen of my "Tigger".
     So, now having another Calico cat, Maliha, is like finding my old friend.   And Maliha loves me so much, she needs to be near me, in the same room, and / or in my lap always.  She is my little baby girl.   And now SHE is having a baby girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, ....... well, you get the picture (hahaha).    I will let you know when the babies are born!!!