Thursday, March 10, 2016

Maliha's babies have been born!!!!!

Maliha had 5 babies.  2 Blue Tabby girls and one Blue Tabby boy. And one
Colorpoint boy and one Colorpoint girl.  Coloring comes in later.  All squeaky and drinking milk and looking good.    As always, please give her a couple of days before the picture taking.  Right now she is super protective and anxious over her new brood.
     She had the first one on Wednesday night at 7:58 and the last one at  9:09.  She was a busy girl for a couple of hours.  And she is this morning as well. Cleaning and feeding and keeping the little ones warm.  Babies cannot generate their own heat for 8 days after birth.  So it is very important that Mom stays with the babies most of the day until those crucial 8 days have passed.  But Maliha has always been a very good mother and she loves her kittens very much.  She is the same with this litter.  She is constantly smelling them and cleaning them.  Purring and looking down and then kissing one or more of them and looking up so proudly.
     So for today, have a wonderful day in this beautiful weather we have been promised and do many fun things in the yard and garden and outdoors.  Camping comes to mind, but not for me, alas , I have new babies to help with. (smile)   From Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.  thank you for reading my blog and keeping up with the girls and their babies.

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