Sunday, September 29, 2019

Allergy and kitten visitation day for October

]   I have decided on a day to test allergies and visit your kittens (if they are old enough) for the month of October.  OCTOBER 19TH  after 1:00 p.m.  please call 540-727-8950 to schedule your appointments.  Thank you.
Cherished Siberians
Doreene Richmond

HONEY'S Litter Update

     Hello from Culpeper, Va.
We have been busy with 6 little kittens growing for the past 6 weeks and HOKO had her litter now as well. 2 girls and 1 boy.
   HONEY has 1  Colorpoint  girl still available with no deposits on her.  SUZY.

HONEY with Kellie, Suzy, Sarah, Joanna, Rusty and Eric.

These 2 pictures are HONEY with her brood in her birthing box.  The Colorpoint in the forefront is a Flamepoint Male, Erik.  And he is ADOPTED.
     The Colorpoint Female behind him is Kellie, and she is ADOPTED 
     The Blue W/ White Tabby  Female in the front is Sarah and she is ADOPTED.
     The Blue W/ White Female in the back is Joanna, and she is ADOPTED.
     The Cream W/ White Male in the back is ADOPTED.
     The Colorpoint Female one the right is Suzy, and she is AVAILABLE.

This is Joanna.  She is Adopted.

All the kittens were laying on my lap or right next to me on the couch.
Joanna  and Sara snuggling on my lap, with Eric, the Flamepoint next to me on the couch.  These three are Adopted.

Joanna and Sarah (both Adopted)

Eric, the Flamepoint, (Adopted)

This one is Suzy, in my lap.  She is currently Available, with 2 people possibly interested in her.  And Eric in the background (Adopted)

Eric. (Adopted)

Joanna. (Adopted.

Kellie. (Adopted)

Eric playfighting with Joanna

A kitten huddle. Kellie in the forefront, Sarah just behind her, hugging Eric, fast askeep, and Suzy sleeping next to Kellie.

Sleepy kittens.

This is Kellie. (Adopted)

Those 3 were Eric (Adopted)

Those 3 were Sarah (Adopted)

Joanna, (Adopted)

SUZY....Currently Available)(not available anymore)

Rusty (Adopted)

Rusty, stalking a feather wand.

Rusty on the footstool. Rusty is Adopted.

Suzy who has a couple of people interested  in her. No deposit as of yet.

 Suzy.  Curious little kitten. A precious purrbaby. Sweet and friendly. A real lap kitty.....well sort of, she loves being on my right shoulder.

   I am trying to be fair about Suzy, but I also cannot hold a kitten if a deposit is offered before someone else is still trying to make up their mind.  I'm sure that just stands to reason, right?!
   But not to fear.  HOKO still has 2 girls adoptable in her litter....AND DREAMER is due to deliver on or about October 11th.

Thank you for looking in on Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.  I hope these picturea were cute and fun for you.  These are extremely loving, friendly and outgoing kittens.  Such a joy to play with and be around.  Also, they are already litter trained.  Such good kittens.
   Have a great day and keep cool out there.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

HOKO's New Babies.

HOKO's three are SO adorable. 2 Colorpoint Females and 1 Colorpoint Male.  The colors aren't apparent yet.

HOKO hovering over the babies.  She really isn't ready to share yet. (smile)

The first little girl.   They must be getting some good kinda milk there, haha, look at that fat tummy.

The second little girl.  Eyes not open yet.

And the little boy.  He IS trying to open his eyes a little bit, already.

HOKO.....ever on the watch.

HOKO nursing her little ones. 

That's the best I can do for right now.  Mama was very tolerant and now she has had enough and wants her privacy.  I think I'm gonna respect that.  What a nice gal she was to let me get these photos for you.

At this moment all of this litter are AVAILABLE.

Thanks for watching

Saturday, September 7, 2019

HONEY'S Kittens.

Good morning. I thought you would enjoy some updated pictures of HONEY's kittens.

This is a little girl. She is Blue w/ White.  So cute. She loves to be held and cuddled. She is AVAILABLE.

Babies with Mommy in birthing box.

This is a little boy.  He has only half a tail.  But he has so much beauty in his markings and coloring, he is going to grow up to be so special.  He is AVAILABLE.

This is a little girl.  She is a Colorpoint, but I don't see evidence yet of which, Sealpoint or Bluepoint.  She was sound asleep when I woke her up to get a photo shoot. (smile) She seems mellow and unbothered by things around her. 

 This little girl is a Bluepoint.  I do see darker coloring evident on her ears and tail.  She was sound asleep before I tried to take pictures of her.  So this sleepy-eyed little girl IS ADOPTED.  Isn't she adorble?!

This is a Blue w/ White Tabby girl.  She is ADOPTED.  She loves to look out of the box and watch as people are in the room and she cries to get attention. (smile)  She has wonderful coloring, white paws and white chest.  A bit of color around her muzzle. Sweet girl.

And this is our Colorpoint Boy.  He is strong.  And he could actually be a Flamepoint.  But if he is, his coloring is not clear enough to tell yet.  But wouldn't that be amazing???
He has been ADOPTED.

     All in all, the kittens are still too young to accurately determine personalities, but to a degree I think they are all pretty social.  They are all beautiful.

If there is an AVAILABLE kitten that you would like to make your own, please contact me at or call directly at 540-727-8950.