Monday, August 10, 2020

ABIGAIL's Big Surprise

 Good Morning to everybody.  Unionville is pretty warm today.  I hope you all have nice cool spots to quarantine today and stay safe.

ABIGAIL has given me a HUGE, sweet surprise.  7 kittens. All doing wonderfully and healthy.  And SO cute. There are 5 boys and 2 girls.

Here is a good picture of the Blue Tabby with white, the Black Tabby with white, The Blue With White, and there are two Colorpoints in there, but they have better pictures than in this one.

Here is just a picture of 6 of them all curled up.

Mama being proud yet protective.  They all look so tiny.  They were born August 9th.

A better picture of two of the Colorpoints.  This is one girl the creamy colored one nursing, and a boy laying on his back near the Black and White boy.

Here is the Blue w/ White Tabby boy, and the two Colorpoint boys both have white bands across their shoulders, sooo cute, the two girls are the two in the middle. the Blue /white boy and I am so excited to have a pure Black kitten with white on all 4 paws and a streak of white above his nose, he has white on his neck and chest as well.  I so rarely get Black kittens, I get happy, happy, happy. (smile).

     PLEASE understand, I have about 75 on my Waiting List and I MUST go through the list in order to be fair to all.  Many times ones cannot get a kitten at the time I call and inform them of the litters' birth, so sometimes we can get through a lot of the list because I just call the next person if there is a refusal. I will let you know by e-mail or by phone, however I can reach you the quickest.

   Thank you everybody and enjoy the pictures, and I will try to get more as they get a little older.

Have a great day from CHERISHED SIBERIANS in Unionville, Va.540-445-0630.