Sunday, May 31, 2020


 FINALLY, FINALLY,  I got a mess of good pictures of DREAMER's kittens.  As you can see, they still hang out under the chair where she put them, but now they venture out to eat the wet food I take out there every day and the last few days they even play with me with the feather wand after they have finished eating.  So..... progress, slow but sure.   Dreamer will actually let me pick them up and go under a chair while I feed and play with them.  She is still young herself, so sometimes she just can't help herself, she runs and chases the feather wand too.

Above is my cafeteria tray with 5 compartments and they feed very well from it.

Hello hungry babies.  They all SEEM to look alike, but I can finally tell them apart.  Although if the darkest blue girl and the darkest blue boy were the same sex  I would NEVER tell them apart.

We are enjoying our wet food snacks.  Thank you.

Darkest blue boy.  Belongs to {and I will only use initials here} S.Z.

This girl with the coloring over her nose and face belongs to C.B.

This is NOT a great picture of the darkest Bluepoint boy, but it is him, I can see the two dark feet.  It is too washed out of a picture.  You'll see in pictures below, what I am talking about.  He is dark. He is the same kitten above. hard to believe.... I know. Not my best picture.

This fellow has a half blue and half white nose.  He is stunning.  He belongs to J.D.

This is our darkest Blurpoint girl.  A perfect twin to the boy above.  She belongs to P. F.

This is our Blue Lynx Point boy with white paws.   He belongs to R H.

Yep, still hiding under the chair.

Yum, I love my wet food,  don't want to miss a drop on my mouth.

Me either,  I am washing every drop off of my fur too.  Yummy.

Mom is finishing our food plate after we left it.  Hmm, maybe I should have eaten more.

Yeah, me too, well it looks like we're too late now.

Really, Mom?!

Hi, we are just hanging out now, we know you're going to play with us next. Bring on  the feather.

White paws, Blue Lynx Point boy and darkest Bluepoint girl.

The Bluepoint boy with white (1/2 blue, white nose)  And the Bluepoint girl.

Can you believer her, right now???  She had her own, you know!!
                  Darkest Bluepoint boy.

Venturing out.Let's play feather wand!!!!!

                                                     Pretty kitty

 Mom n me.... best buds.

Let the games begin.  I love playing too.

No, no, I'm too big to take pictures on the little couch now.

Did someone say "cuddle" ?

Hey,  did I hear the bell on the feather wand?

I got it.  Let's play.

You can't tell, but I am dragging the feather stick over the floor and they are running after it. Well, some of them.

Whoa, you bowled me over.

I am fascinated.  I could look at that thing for hours.

Running across my legs on the floor.


Largest Bluepoint boy.

Blue Lynx Point with white paws and darkest Bluepoint girl.

Well. I hope you have enjoyed your first romp with these 5 elusive babies. Maybe we can get back to normal with these guys as DREAMER settles into motherhood and relaxes her protective instincts.
   I hope you enjoyed "meeting" your new babies too.  Sorry Co-Vid prohibits visits to see them.  But they will be coming home in the next few weeks .  Their take home date is June 18th.
   Have a lovely day.
Stay safe.
Stay cool,
Doreene Richmond
Cherished Siberians
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