Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Some new pictures of DREAMER's Little Ones

 This is why it is so hard  to get pictures of DREAMER's babies,  she has them under a chair.
 So, I have to try to get a shot or two through the rungs.
 These two came out clear and cute.
 Here are three, but a little blurry.
 This one seems to be in the  forefront of all the shots.  (haha)

I am holding this one up.  Cute , lighter colored dark nose. Whiter face than the one above.  This one is a girl, I believe.

 A little boy.

A girl.

 A girl.

 A boy.

And the dark nosed one who wants to be photographed. (smile)

Not much still.  I understand.  But this is so odd the way DREAMER is acting toward these kittens.  So I am allowing her to have her space for the time being.

Hope it help ( a little)

Doreene Richmond
23292 Hawfield Rd.
Unionville, Va.  22567

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