Saturday, March 28, 2020

HONEY had her kittens

HONEY has been a very busy girl for the last few days.  She has 6 kittens that she is keeping happy, warm and well fed. What a good Mama cat she is!

 Blue with white Female

 This Colorpoint female has been adopted.
 She is a nice sized Siberian kitten.

 This little girl is adopted.  What a cute face.

 This is a Blue with white Tabby. Female.

 This little girl looks so much like her sister, I am prpbably going to have a tough time telling them apart.
And this little girl....I need to get a face shot for you. But her coloring is very pretty.
    Such tiny , sweet, little ones.
   HONEY'S  are my last shot for kittens of color this time around. When Dreamer has her kittens they are most assuredly going to be Colorpoints, because she and Garreth are both Colorpoints.
    Please call Cherished Siberians  at 540-445-0630. Or write to to reserve your baby today.

ABIGAIL's litter have their eyes open

Hello everybody,
     I have new pictures of ABIGAIL'S kittens  with their eyes open now.  They are getting a bit bigger and you can tell more about them with their eyes opened.

 This is ABIGAIL'S  little girl. A classic Brown/ Black Tabby with White.
   She has the gloved paws.

 This is the first Colorpoint boy.  A smaller and lighter colored kitten .

 This boy is a little darker in his colorong, especially around his tail.  Nice white paws.

 This 3rd little boy is also a darker coloring of Colorpoint.

This 4th boy has a white tip on his tail.
   They are sitting on a miniature couch. They are still quite small little kittens.

For more information or to put a deposit on one specific kitten please call 540-445-0630
Or e-mail at

     More pictures as they progress. For now, enjoy.
Doreene Richmond
Cherished Siberians

Sunday, March 22, 2020

ABIGAIL's Kittens Pictures

 This is the biggest boy.  There are 4 boys who are Colorpoints.

Good shot of three of the boys.  One is under the other one feeding.  The girl is curled up.

In these pictures they are only one day old.

Abigail looking self-satisfied as she relaxes on my bed taking a short break from feeding.

Abigail and babies in the birthing box.  They will stay in the box until they are old enough to crawl out over the barrier. Usually 3 to 4 weeks.

FOUR boys and ONE girl.

Look at the boy with the band of white at his neck and shoulders.  So cool.

Abigail and babies in a box.

 Black and White Tabby Girl.  5 days old.

 Boy #1  
 Boy #2
 Boy #  3
 Boy #4 Band of White over neck and shoulders.

Abigail says:  " Did you see what I did??  All 5 healthy and spoiled.  I did such a good job, don't you think?"

So if you think one will steal your heart and homespace, please contact CHERISHED SIBERIANS at 540-445-0630  or

Everybody have a wonderful day and enjoy our little ones' pictures.


   Hello everybody!!!

     Abigail has had her kittens.  On March 13th she had 5 kittens who are all doing very well.  I have been trying to contact the ones on my waiting list first.  So if you KNOW you are on my waiting list and I haven't reached you yet, please contact me at 540-445-0630, or
     I just tried to post the pictures , but they are not showing available right now.  So I will have to wait on that for now.  I  will just tell you the description (so far) of the kittens, as you know, the Colorpoints don't show their colorings at this early stage.  Except one Colorpoint boy has a white band of color over his shoulders and around his neck.  So distinctive and cute.  I'll bet he is going to be QUITE handsome when he is grown.
     ABIGAIL had 4 Colorpoint boys and one little girl who is a Black and White Tabby.  Now I have tried reaching the one person who she is supposed to belong to, time will tell if she is adopted.

     Our move has been successful and the cats seem to have settled into their new homes and their new routines.  I am in the rurals now and was able to set up Kitty Cabins for the breeder girls and a separate one, of course, for Garreth.  They seem to be thriving in the country air provided through their multiple windows in their Cabin.  They are still indoor kitties, but now have their own space to play, sleep, hang out and have me to themselves for hours each day.  They all love it as far as I can tell.  My oldest cat is Toby and closing in on 9 years of age, he is my one exception to the indoor rule.  He is so happy to roam around outside, he seldom wants to come in.  He is the one with diabetes and he comes in and eats and gets his 'Vetsulin' shot and cuddles for a while and then goes to the door to go back outside.  He is neutered and has his rabies shot and vaccinations.  I want him to be safe and happy.   He is a wonderful cat.
     Maliha is my oldest girl, also closing in on 9 years old and is my "bedsitter" cat. (smile) Thank you to all the well wishers and ones who have sent in their cat pictures to be used on a future blog.  That is going to be a fun spot!!!
     I also want to start trying my hand at videos again.  I will get better at it the more I use the techniques my daughter teaches me.  Now that we are moved, I can concentrate more on using the skills she trys to teach me.  (smile)
     With the health concerns keeping everyone home for a while, it is a perfect time to adopt a kitten and have a cuddle companion and have the time to devote to bonding together.

     Well, that's about it for now, and as soon as I sync up my pictures to the computer, or  whatever is wrong with that at this time, I will post the cutest pictures of ABIGAIL with her newborns.  If you are interested in adopting a kitten (4 boys; 1 girl) please contact me, Doreene Richmond, at 540-445-0630 or cherished

     If "Ryan" could call me as soon as possible, that would be wonderful.  Thank you.

Please stay safe and well, and wash your hands a lot through the day.  If you bring things into your house from the store or anywhere, remember to wash and sanitize it before putting it away and then wash your hands again.  A tip I got after I brought and put away groceries, so I took things out and washed them or ran a clorox wipe over them. them put them away again.

     Have a fabulous day and remember "Make each day your masterpiece"
Your Low Allergen  Kitten contact,
Doreene Richmond