Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hello, from Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Virginia.  Right now it seems, the rainiest place there is. (smile)  I know other states would beg to differ with me, and they would be right.  At least it's not snowing any more.

I have some pictures here of two beautiful cats who were breeders and now have been spayed and are ready to find a new home.  The two are so very close that they do need to be kept together, but because of that they are going to be sold for only the cost of their spaying.  So for two Siberian girls  it is only $600.00
Darla is the blue tabby and Moshi Moshi is the black cat.  They are so friendly and sweet and gentle.  I love these two cats!!  Please contact Kim Capes for these girls.  (540) 229-4251.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Gracie's kittens pictures. I did my best.

Good Morning.   I am awake now and hopefully can show you Gracie's kittens.  I was having so much trouble last night trying to get them onto the blog site.

OK, I'm still having trouble getting the pictures on the blog.  I didn't get them in the order I wanted to, but at this juncture I'm just going to show the pictures and leave it alone for now.  This is Gracies Blue Tabby boy , and he is available.

This is Gracie's little girl, bluepoint, she has a deposit on her.

These two are of the bluepoint boy.  His one eye isn't quite open yet.  They are still quite young and not moving about so much yet.  But give them a week or two and they will be all over the place. (smile)

This is again Gracie's bluepoint girl.  See what I mean about the pictures not coming out the way I wanted them to?  They were supposed to present in pairs.  Oh well, I'm going with it.

And this is Gracie's Cream Tabby boy.  And he is available.  I hope you enjoy looking at the babies at this age.  Soon they will all be walking and playing.  Maliha's do walk a little.  Still wobbly, but they will follow her a little bit.  Next week they will be moving about pretty good.
     Well, I'm off to work now.  But I wanted to try to get these available to you this morning.  I'm sure glad some of them came out.  I'll do better next time.  Have a great day.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sorry problems

Sorry , Dear Readers,  I am having difficulty getting Gracie's pictures online right now.  And its so late I'm bleary eyed.  So I am going to have another go at this tomorrow.  Hopefully I can figure out what I am doing wrong.  But Maliha's litter came out nicely.  So Gracie's should be just a good when I finally get it right.    Good night for now.
Hello again from Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.  where the winter doesn't seem to want to end. (smile)  And I hear we're in for MORE snow next week.
    Well, indoors, the kittens are growing and staying warm and cozy.  I have 5 with deposits on them now, but I wanted to share all the baby pictures of  both the litters.  They are really growing.
Here is Maliha and her litter of 6

This one is the little girl colorpoint and she has a deposit on her.

This one is the calico girl, and she has a deposit on her.

This is the flame point boy.  And he is available.

This is the red boy.  He is awaiting a decision. keep posted.

Here is my sweet blue girl with white.  She has a deposit on her.

Here is the little black tabby boy.  I wanted to show his belly and his coloring.  He is available.

Here is two more of the colorpoint girl.  How did you get in there a second time??

OK, you girls are little divas aren't you?  Here are two more of the blue girl with white.

The flame point boy again.  Isn't he cute??  

So these were Maliha's litter. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kittens Available at Cherished Siberians Today

Good day Gentle Readers,
     How are you today?  The weather is warm and kind today.  And many have sent their deposits for their kitten choices and are so happy.  I am glad.  I will still show pictures of the litters, as they are just too cute not to share.  However here are the available kittens still:

Maliha's Black/white tabby boy
Maliha's flame point   boy
Gracie's blue tabby   boy
Gracie's cream tabby   boy

 These first four pictures are of Maliha's six kittens and Maliha herself.  They sure are getting bigger.  And she is still a very good mommy kitty.

     Maliha's kittens (except the colorpoint girl) have their eyes open now.  They are very shaky on their feet and vocal.  They still sleep a lot, but are they GROWING!!!

     So, hope you like the  new pictures and can see your baby that you have picked already.  Also look for the three that are still available. (smile)   Til next time.  Happy baby watching.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

My dear readers and customers:
     I will no longer accept a deposit without a definite kitten being chosen.  A recent situation, in minds being changed, has caused me to hurt someone's feelings.  I've tried making remunerations, but I can understand how they feel, angry, disappointed and hurt. For which I am deeply and truly sorry.
     That being said, I have learned to refine my policies and to become more professional. 
                             I have learned a hard lesson.
                                                               Sincerely,    Doreene Richmond
                                                                                   Cherished Siberians

Gracie's 2nd litter Pictures.

Here you can see the colorpoint girl (already adopted) and the cream tabby colored boy, and the blue tabby boy (I thought was adopted, but turns out not to be) and the colorpoint boy.
Good Morning.  I finally got some sleep yesterday.  What a busy day.  And this morning Gracie and the babies are doing fine.  I have some first shots for you.  Can't tell much about them this early, but they are cute anyway.

 Gracie is just as happy as she can be. A real proud Mommy cat.  Today she is still a bit stressed out, but , hey, wouldn't you be?   She'll be fine.  She is eating well and looks great.  She purrs so loud when she in with them in the birthing box.  8 days from now, they should start opening their eyes.

I do need to update the list of kittens.  The blue boy has been adopted. And as I said yesterday, Gracie's girl is adopted also.  So two boys from Gracie are available and 3 boys from Maliha are available

This sure is an exciting 3 weeks in the Cherished Siberian world.  Hope your week-end has been just as fantastic for you.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Gracie's Babies Born!!!!

At Cherished Siberians, it has been  a LONG and tiring day, as Gracie started going into labor about 5 a.m.  She has had 4 kittens.
    The first is a colorpoint girl.  She has been adopted already and will be going home in 10 weeks to her new home.
   The second one is a blue tabby, boy.  He is a fine looking kitten,
  The third one is a cream tabby, a light brownish creamy colored tabby.  Beautiful little boy.
     And then a colorpoint boy. And he's adorable.
 Pictures will come in a day or two as  Gracie (and I ) are exhausted.  SUCH a busy day.
    She actually delivered her first at 1:27 p.m. and had the last one by 2:50 p.m.

     I also have updates on kitten availabilities.  Maliha's blue girl and sealpoint girl are adopted.   The calico is adopted.    And Gracie's girl is adopted.   
     I have 6 strong, beautiful boys ready to find a home.  I am so glad we got another blue tabby with Gracie's litter.

     Well have a great week-end.  I am going to get some much needed sleep.  Good night from Culpeper, Va.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

First pictures of Maliha's 6 kittens.

Hello, Cherished Siberians has 6 beautiful little bundles of joy to share pictures of.  They still have their eyes closed, of course, and mommy cat is so proud of them.  Maliha is a VERY good mommy.

Here's a nice shot of the calico, red and two color points.

And all 6 in a row.  Mommy looks very content.

Look at the beautiful red boy.  Such a wonderful deep color.  And the black tabby with white paws, boy, and the flame point, boy and the color point, girl, way in the back , hidden is the blue tabby with white, girl.  The calico, in front , is a girl.

My sweet babies, all in a row.  Now is the time to start reserving and sending in deposits to keep the one you're interested in.
     I never expected such a vast array of colors in one litter.  How wonderful.  They are so cute.

      But that's not all.  Gracie is due on the 11th and she had 5 in her last litter.  So I am eagerly awaiting my next arrivals.
     Hope all of you are getting through this crazy winter and keeping warm and dry.  Just another month or so before the weather starts turning really beautiful and we can get our gardens in the ground.  And just about that time these babies will be ready to go home with their new forever parents.   AAAhhhhh Cherished Siberians is very contented right now.