Thursday, March 6, 2014

First pictures of Maliha's 6 kittens.

Hello, Cherished Siberians has 6 beautiful little bundles of joy to share pictures of.  They still have their eyes closed, of course, and mommy cat is so proud of them.  Maliha is a VERY good mommy.

Here's a nice shot of the calico, red and two color points.

And all 6 in a row.  Mommy looks very content.

Look at the beautiful red boy.  Such a wonderful deep color.  And the black tabby with white paws, boy, and the flame point, boy and the color point, girl, way in the back , hidden is the blue tabby with white, girl.  The calico, in front , is a girl.

My sweet babies, all in a row.  Now is the time to start reserving and sending in deposits to keep the one you're interested in.
     I never expected such a vast array of colors in one litter.  How wonderful.  They are so cute.

      But that's not all.  Gracie is due on the 11th and she had 5 in her last litter.  So I am eagerly awaiting my next arrivals.
     Hope all of you are getting through this crazy winter and keeping warm and dry.  Just another month or so before the weather starts turning really beautiful and we can get our gardens in the ground.  And just about that time these babies will be ready to go home with their new forever parents.   AAAhhhhh Cherished Siberians is very contented right now.

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