Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Girl kitten again available (NOW HAS A HOME)

Well, Cherished Siberians in Culpeper can announce that Unfortunately for the family that was allergic even to Siberians and Fortunately to those who wanted a girl kitten the Blue with White girl kitten is again available to go home now.  The Blue with White boy kitten from the same litter of ABIGAIL's is the only other kitten available now.

This is the boy....Nambie.

And this is his almost identical twin sister....Sheena.
Of course, you name them what you want to when you adopt them.

AND once again, IF someone chose to adopt both to the same home I will give a nice discount.
Otherwise they are still the same $1500. each price.

     The way I tell them apart is Sheena has a small ring of white on her tail whereas Nambie has a whole tip of white on his tail.

     They are cute, and playful and ready to go to thier new home right away.

Please call Doreene Richmond at 540-727-7850.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Kitten availability

     Hello, it has been a crazy few weeks here at Cherished Siberians,  people allergy testing and little ones going home and others being born.  So here is the run down......

ABIGAIL'S babies have been adopted except the Blue with White Boy.  And he is adorable.


HONEY'S litter are all still available. And that is her fault for being so difficult about letting me get photos and such. But everyone is thriving and doing very well.

 5 Babies in a box.  With wide eyes and curious minds.

 This picture shows lighter than his true Blue with White Tabby coloring.  He is clear eyed and white pawed, and busy and playful.

This is a little Colorpoint Girl.  Her blue eyes will be with her all her life.  Colorpoints don't change eye color as they age.   She is really sweet.

And in this picture I am trying to show you the little Blue and White Tabby sitting with his face towards the box.  He is small, but a powerhouse of personality.

This is my Blue With White Girl.  Pretty as a picture and gentle and loves to be petted.

This little Colorpoint has a good bit of brown in her face.  She will be a Seal Lynx Point, and she will keep her blue eyes her whole life too.  She is a real cutie pie.


 Here is an individual picture of the smallest Blue Tabby boy.  He has a really cute face and can get into anything.  He is a real adventurer.

Here are some more pictures of them in everyday things.

 AND a SURPRISE for ME.....Sophia had her kitten.  Yep I said it right Kitten.  A whopping big boy Colorpoint.  And only one. 

 Curled up and sleeping next to mommy's belly.

SOPHIA and her Colorpoint Boy.

   So, as you see, no end of surprises and things to do and kittens to love all around.
So one Blue/White Tabby boy available from Abigail, ready to go home today.
3 girls 2 Colorpoint and 1 Blue with White                                                                                         and 2 boys  Blue with White Tabbys  from Honey, ready to go home October 5th;
1 Boy Colorpoint from Sophia.ready to go home in 9 more weeks.

Please call or text today to reserve your kitten now.

Thank you and have a lovely day today.