Monday, May 26, 2014

Tuxedo is available again.

Hello, Maliha's Tuxedo never got to go home due to circumstances for the adoptive mother.  So she decided to let him go to someone else at this time and try to get a kitten later when circumstances improve.
He is so adorable.
Loads of fun and personality.

He loves to play, but interestingly enough, he is very careful with his claws, I've seldom even accidentally been scratched by this gentle boy.
He loves to cuddle and purr, actually seeking me out during the day and following me from room to room.   
     Also, Cherished Siberians is proud to announce that all of Hoko's babies have a forever home now.  The last boy (now known as Skittles) has been adopted yesterday.
     So from Culpeper, we are happy to have sunshine and the promise of a sunny day.  Enjoy and go out and catch some rays.  (smile)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hoko's kittens eyes are open.

These are 4 of the 5 that you can see in this picture, the little boy is hiding behind the white boy who is trying to escape out of the basket here.  He is a strong one.  (smile)

WELL, there he is.  He is cute as a bug in a rug.  And now the little blue one is hiding behind the white boy, you can only see ears behind him.  haha.     THEN there are the two Black Tabby girls one by one.
I am having difficulty again with getting the rest of these guys' pictures on the blog this morning, but I'll post these now and work on it to get more pictures to you.   Sorry, I'm not a tekkie!!
     AS it stands now, all of Hoko's kittens have been adopted .

Monday, May 12, 2014

May 18th is pick up date for Gracie's Litter

Gracie's kittens are getting ready to go home,  I have one going home on the 16th,  a day or two early is ok.  They just need to be with their Mommy for about 10 weeks.  They are all so cute.  And healthy, and playful.  So, once again, I urge all of you to bring your carriers with you so they have a safe ride home.
     MEANWHILE,  Toby, who KNOWS he should not be on my bed near my pillows, decides to sprawl out and take it easy while there are not as many kittens charging at his head or nibbling at his feet.

 Just look at this lazy boy.
Well I hope he stays just as relaxed as the next bunch goes home.   I, on the other hand am very busy gearing up for everyone to come by.
So until next post, this is Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.  Hope your day stays sunny.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pictures of Hoko's first litter

 These two pictures are of the little bluepoint girl.  And she was the first to be adopted.  She  was born on April 27th to Hoko in her first litter.
 This is one of the Black and White Tabby females.  They are now 9 days old. One girl is adopted and ready to leave in 9 more weeks to go to her forever home.

 These two are of the Blue Tabby boy.  He has happily been adopted. 
This is the second Black and White Tabby girl.  My lighting is not good in this one and she looks blue.  But she IS black and white. (smile)

These two are of the colorpoint boy.  He is the smallest in the litter, but he is progressing as quickly as all the others.  He is healthy.  Look at that full, fat tummy. (smile)

They are actually all getting quite fat.  Hoko must have miracle milk  (smile)  They are really spoiled, as Hoko refused to stay in my room with them, but wanted to be with her mama Gracie, and her brood of 4.  She wouldn't rest until I put her and the little ones in the same room with the other litter.  Now they are all happy to be together and co-raising all 9 in the same room.
       So  From CHERISHED SIBERIANS  in Culpeper, Va.  I am happy to announce that all the babies going home this week are healthy from their vet wellness check and are happy to be going home.  And Maliha is going to be able to rest and have some Me-Kitty time.
     And Gracie's litter is gearing up to go home the week of the 18th of May.  So soon the forever parents will be showing up and taking pictures of their new babies as they take them home.  That is always fun.
     Have a great day and I will have new pictures once their eyes open up.

Friday, May 2, 2014

ATTENTION May 3rd.....


     I will not be home on May 3rd  Saturday, I will be out of town for the day.   I rechecked all scheduled visits and I don't think there is anyone coming May 3rd, but just in case.....


      Please don't come on May 3rd, I will not be here.

ATTENTION      ATTENTION .....................That's all,  I just wanted
a little attention.   :  )       :   )