Tuesday, August 31, 2021


   It has been a few days now and I was able to get a few pictures of the newborns.
3 boys and 2 girls
Mommy in her box with her babies.

This little boy has a white face and a slash of coloring (looks like bangs) down to his eye.

This little boy has very similar markings and his face is all white.

This is our sweet Colorpoint boy.  I won't know for weeks which coloring (Blue,Cream,or Seal) he will be.

My little Black Tabby w/white girl.

And my Blue /white girl.
  That's all of them.   
Remember I am calling my waiting list.  There are not many to go around.   
     But DREAMER is expecting this week.  I thought it was next week, but I was wrong. (glad I checked)
    I'll try to get more pictures when their eyes open at 9 days old.  (No where near yet)
    Thank you for watching for the babies.
Cherished Siberians 
Doreene Richmond 
23292 Hawfield R
Unionville, VA.  22567

Monday, August 16, 2021

Babies going on 5 weeks old

 Good Morning,

     I couldn't sleep and so here I am posting a blog for you in wee hours of the day.  (smile)

So many playful pictures.  They do have a good time together.  The 3 little Flamepoints still look so much alike I am waiting for distinctions to develop so I can tell them apart.    HONEY tends to have more reds in her litters, but she also manages to give me the Calicos everybody wants.  But they are a surprise when I get them.

     All of HONEY's babies have been adopted now.   And I have another week to expect ABIGAIL's to be born.  But I know all on the waiting list are eager to see the newborns coming soon.

    The babies have had their first taste of wet food now and I have put out little litter boxes so they can start training.  (I don't like accidents either).

    Just s few more shots....

I hope you can make out your babies.  But, as I said, I am waiting until I can tell the Flamepoints apart to assign which baby is whose.  It won't be long now.  And 5 weeks more to take home time.    So exciting to all the new families.  Again ALL HONEY's kittens are ADOPTED at this time.

    Coming soon.......ABIBGAIL's litter.......stay tuned.

Doreene Richmond

Cherished Siberians

23292 Hawfield Rd.

Unionville,  VA  22567


Monday, August 2, 2021

HONEY's Kittens' Eyes Are Open

 Hello All.

     All the kittens are doing very well,  and they are trying to get up on their legs but they wiggle a lot. They are still unsteady on their feet.  It is so cute to watch.

Colorpoint Boy with darker Colorpoint girl in front.

A couple of Colorpoint babies.  I don't know yet which color each Colorpoint will have yet, the colorings take a few weeks to present itself.  It is usually Bluepoint (which is grey in cat world) , or Sealpoint  (which is a brownish color in cat world) or Flamepoint (which is red on the points (tail, paws, ears , etc.))

Eyes are opened, but they still don't see too well. And they are crawling about and trying out their legs.

Crawling and yawning.  That's pretty much a busy day for the babies.

Open eyes are so cute.

Sleeping beauty, the Calico Girl.

Well, see?!  Her eyes are open too.

Everybody has fun crawling around very close to 


The Cream Boy.   He's going to have some beautiful facial markings.

Fun pictures to hold you through til the next set come out.  In the next few weeks they will start really trying to walk and then they will be able to see enough to follow the movements of a toy.  And , of course, they are still nursing.  Solid food will come many weeks away.

So have a happy day.  I am still working my way down the Waiting List and ABIGAIL will be delivering in the next 4 weeks.  Exciting.

Enjoy the nice weather for the next few days.  From Cherished Siberians in Unionville, "See you next time".

Doreene Richmond
23292 Hawfield Rd.
Unionville, VA. 22567