Thursday, May 31, 2018


Sophia's litter of two, of course, went really quickly.  Both are going home shortly to their loving homes.  But here are some pictures of them.

Here is beautiful Sophia.

Remember these were just to let you see, these have their homes already.  See the previous blog to see all available kittens right now.
Thank you and have a great day today.
From Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.

UPDATE on Kitten Availability

Hello and Good Morning to all.  It is another rainy day in Culpeper.  It has caused flood warnings throughout the land.  (smile)  But so far.... still safe.

These are Hoko's six kittens.  There are some who are spoken for and some who would love a home soon.

I have one Blue Lynx Point boy with dark feet and tail and ears.  And he is spoken for.
I have one Blue Lynx Point girl with lighter feet, tail and ears. And she is spoken for.
I have one boy Blue Point with the nose tip that looks like a heart is on it and he is spoken for.
That means that I have...

A Blue Point boy with blue (grey) and white on his face and white socks on his feet....

And       A Blue Point boy  with half blue coloring on his nose and half white. White socks.

And , finally , a little girl with a pink nose and white socks.
These babies are ready to go home June 17th. And they are being scooped up quickly, so please call 540-727-8950 or contact me through .

NOW...If you want someone to love and take home TODAY... I have only one baby left from Dreamer's litter.  He is a little Blue Point boy and is sweet and ready to play.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

HOKO's Kittens

Hoko's Kittens will be available to go home June 17th. 

Hoko is still a very busy Mommy.

Here is the girl with the dark feet and tail.  So Precious.

This one is a boy. He has a two toned nose. (smile)  And look at those white socks.

This little boy's nose has a dark heart shape on the tip of his nose.  And again the white socks.

This guy has really dark feet and tail. And he is already adopted.

This little boy has the dark tail, pink nose and beautiful face like his sister below.

This little girl has been adopted today.  Isn't she just gorgeous.  Just like her brother above.

So 4 boys and 2 girls for Hoko's litter.  
1 girl is adopted and one boy is adopted.
Please call 540-727-8950
Thank you and have a lovely day today.

Available Kittens

Good Morning.  Many of Dreamer's kittens have gone home now.  Only one remains.  This is Bucky.   Isn't he adorable???  Such vivid blue eyes.  He will keep his blue eyes all his life.  He is a Blue Point, that is his coloring.  He is active, and cuddly, and a real playful dude. (smile)  He loves jumping after his partners in crime (aka Sophia's two kittens).  And eating and having a good time.

Bucky was named after a friend of ours in our Congregation.  He is a wonderful kitten with strong Siberian features and loves to run, jump and play with the wand with a bell on it.

And Here are Sophia's two little darlings...

This is Victor, so named because of the Victorian collar of white under his neck.  He is a wonderful, solid kitten.  He is all boy.  A tad shy still, but coming out of it just beautifully.  He loves to jump and tussle and run around with his sister.  Victor is still available as well as Bucky. And they are ready to go home today.

And this is Sophia's little girl, who has already been spoken for and will be going home soon.

She is just the boldest, sweetest little kitten.  And such wonderful markings.  (Thank you Garreth) her daddy.

So that leaves HOKO's litter of 6.

  2 of which have been adopted already. But more on them in the next blog. 

Thank you for visiting Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.  Our kittens are part of our family

if interested please call, 540-727-8950
They are $1500. each and held with a nonrefundable $200. deposit which goes towards your total.
Please make all checks out to Doreene Richmond and not to the cattery name, thank you so much.
510 Fairfax Street
Culpeper, Va. 22701

and all balances due are in cash at time of pick up.
Checks would be fine if sent 10 days before pick up of your kitten. 

Have a lovely day today from Cherished Siberians.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Sophia's Litter of 2

Born on March 13th , Sophia's two kittens had a rough start in life.  Sophia didn't know what to do with the kittens and kinda left them on the floor in the middle of the livingroom floor when she had them.  So I tucked them under my shirt and kept them warm until she seemed to figure things out.

Her little black boy seems to have hints of white under his chin.  But mostly he looks solid black.

And he is a big hefty boy Siberian.  Good spacing of ears and nice mass to his head and shoulders.  Just what you want in a male Siberian.  Good round features.

And this is our beautiful girl with four white paws and white on her muzzle and face.  She is a Knock Out.  She is already adopted and is waiting eagerly to go home to her new Mommy.

Yum, she loves to eat and then clean her face.  I actually love to watch all the kittens wash their faces after eating.  It is so adorable to watch.

Too fuzzy a picture, but she was staring at something so intently as she was trying to figure it out, it was an interesting shot.  (haha)

And here she is as I hold her still long enough to try to get a better picture of her. She LOVES to be held and petted.
So thank you for being patient with my falling behind on pictures.  I am very busy caring for all these babies until they go home.  And I love holding them and playing with them too.
So enjoy our warmer days as summer finally arrives and the sun is smiling in he skies.
Cherished Siberians thanks you for looking in on the Blog and  loving my babies.