Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Some Good News And Pictures of Babies Gone Home

 Hello faithful blog viewers!!  I have some good news, DREAMER is finally expecting kittens. She has 8 weeks to go.  I am as certain as I can be that she is expecting.  So I can't wait to see what her final litter will look like.  DREAMER already has a home to go to when she is retired.  A lovely home who adopted her kittens years ago.  I am sure she will be happy there.

And now a little fun.  More pictures of some of my babies who have gone to their forever homes and they have sent pictures to me. { I have permission to use the pictures on the blog}

      Mr. Majestic.  lol.  What a stately feline

      One of my 'reds'.  We see so few of them now that HONEY was retired.  We may see more when my new breeder boy Bogdon [Zeke] gets old enough to be a breeder.

This is actually Garreth, I snuck him in the gallery because well...... just look at him. ( smile )

I love it when two of my babies go home together.  They look so happy and relaxed, don't they?!

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days.........

One of these things is not like the other....Can you spot the difference?

One 'red'.  One bluepoint.  Both beautiful.

                                       Just look at those big, beautiful eyes.

                                                       And those Frank Sinatra baby blues.

New lawn ornament.  Somebody is soaking up the sun.

                                              My goodness, how someone has GROWN!!

One of my Blue Tabbies with white socks.  I love the looks of these.

This blue eyed beauty is playing in a kitty tunnel.  Have  fun.

OH  Dahhhling....Does this one belong to Zha Zha Gabor???

                                        I feel like a pretzel.

                                                         Snuggle Puss

                   Satin sheets to lie one....Satin pillows............(no I am not going to sing for you)

   You light up my life........ (nope, still not going to sing for you)

                                          Cuteness personified,  how can you stand it?

                                                                           Cuteness x 2

                                                          Outdoor dreams.

                                               Some of these have been seen before, but they really are cute.

                                                       Kitty condo in the kitty corner.

                                           You are one handsome dude.

                  I know he is peeking over a piece of furniture, but doesn't it look like he's swimming? lol

                                                   A very contented baby.

                       Sleeping on my coat of many colors.

                                Hey man, just sittin' back chillin'......This is the life right here.

                                           Cutest baby picture ever.

                                        One of the rare ones, a solid black kitten.

                             Looking spoiled rotten, that's what I love to see.

  Yes, this is my house, but I let my humans live here and serve me.

                Actually this is ABIGAIL,  she always has this look in her eyes.....lol.

                                               OOOh, someones' baby is cuddly and crazy cute.

                AWWWWW... I love this human who brought me home.

                                   In the car,  do I have to go to the Vet again ?

                                                  I rather like it just staying home.

I have a super power, I can change a red light to green by just staring at it!!!!

                                            No not the  Vet , AGAIN?!

                                             Some days, it's sink or swim.

     Yes? Is there something I can do for you?  Besides sit here and look pretty!

 OOOOOOOH!  WHAT are you doing on the counter???

                                                           Baby blue eyes.  Looks so cuddly.

                                             That was yummy, what else have you got to eat?

                                                      Sleepy time, on a big pillow.

                                    We are Siamese , if you please,   just kidding, we are not.

This is the end.  Look into my eyes...I am serious....but you can take it from the top if you want to.

Hope you had fun and please remember, I have NO AVAILABLE KITTENS now.  I am waiting for DREAMER to give birth.  ALL these cats and kittens have their forever homes and they sent me these pictures to share.

Thank You,

Doreene Richmond

Cherished Siberians

23292 Hawfield Rd 

Unionville, Va. 22567


Sunday, November 26, 2023

ABIGAIL's Kittens Growing and Thriving


ABIGAIL with her three kittens.  The Colorpoint kitten is Chester.  He is adopted.  The only boy.          The Classic Tabby in the back is one of the girls, and she is adopted.  And the Blue W/White kitten in front is a little girl and I am keeping her for my new breeder girl. Her name is Ilya.  {pronounced Eelya}

They are now 5 1/2 weeks old and will go home December 13th. 

They are playing, eating (a LOT) and having fun.

                                                 OH, Hello!!!

                                                               I'm exploring and having fun.

                                               Hello,  I'm the boy....gotta love me!

Two little cuties, open, clear eyed, curious little bodies, full of fluffy cuddliness.{I know that's not a word}

Climbing on the couch with Mommy.  Notice it is a heated blanket, so that they can be comfortable even with the heater going for the whole building.  Little pampered babies.

                                   Mommy still likes her box to lay in and relax .  She's never been one to use the birthing boxes that I built for the Moms.  She loves her cardboard box "cave".

Bright Blue Eyed, Boy.

Lounging around with mommy on the couch.

Ilya's picture a week or so ago.
Remember when mommy wanted to keep them in the large crate?  Here are some of the pictures from that time too.

Chester on top of the doll bed in their room as well.

All three when they were venturing out of  the crate. I have since  taken the crate out of their room since they are running and playing all over their room.

You can really tell the difference in the ages from when they were still in the crate to the newest pictures now.

Interesting ways to eat your food.

Getting their wet food in a divided child's dish.. Works perfectly.

OK,  we are done.  These kittens don't seem to ever eat all their food.  But they are getting quite fat and sassy.

And now it's getting to be nap time.  Fed and played out and getting so sleepy.

      Mommy's sleepy too.

Good Night for now.  Shhhhh.......we'll talk later.

That's all for now from Cherished Siberians.

Doreene Richmond

23292 Hawfield Rd.

Unionville, VA. 22567