Thursday, July 22, 2021


 HONEY  had six babies two females and four males.

As you can see, she had them and then took them to under the chair way back into the corner.  She hasn't been too anxious to share with me or the camera too much.  She actually had them on the15th, but she didn't want me taking pictures or handling them.  She is loosening up as the days go by. She is a very good mommy and very protective of her babies, even to

   By her forearm you can see the 3 lightest Colorpoint kittens.  (I won't know the exact colorings of the Colorpoints for a few weeks).

And then is the Blue w/White  female kitten, she has classic calico markings within the blue and white colorings.

Then there is a Cream boy.

Then there is the darkest Colorpoint, female and she is adopted already.

I DO have a very long waiting list that I must go down through before I can open it up to the public to adopt.  BUT  ABIGAIL , I believe is pregnant and will be delivering in the next 5 weeks.  AND  DREAMER should be pregnant and will deliver in the next 8 weeks. So don't think it is impossible, because I find when I call through the waiting list there are many who cannot adopt at the time of my call, for various reasons. 

Here are a few more pictures I have managed to get over the last few days.

 So I will be calling through my list now and offering the available babies.  Hope you all will be happy with the results.  But, as I say, there are more litters coming soon.have a wonderful day from Cherished Siberians in Unionville, Va.

Doreene Richmond

23292 Hawfield Rd.




Wednesday, June 23, 2021

More Babies Gone Home

More pictures of my babies in their new homes.  Hope you enjoy until we get more kittens at Cherished Siberians. 
     Lovely baby.
Little blue his name Sinatra??? Lol
Growing fast!
I'll help with your homework.

Peek a boo.
Just hanging around....
El Taco Kitty.
I am beautiful!?
This is my man cave.
I got this 'in the bag'.
oooooh, soft leather, hope they don't mind claw holes.
Ahhhh....this is the life!
Oh, wow, my toy, my toy!
I must be King and this is MY throne now.
Double Trouble

Huge couch and they give me this stool.  But I totally 'rock' it!.

The grass is always greener........

Which isle did you find that in? I want one.
You'll have to pay the toll.........
Look deep into these limpid pools.
I'll hold him down, you tickle him.
Shelf sitter.
Food for thought.
Ooooohhhh, then what happened???
This is my spot now.  I stake my claim.
I'm too tired.

Just waiting til my pal gets home from school.
I think they want me to play........
Lap of luxury.
Alright!! Now I'VE  got the pillow!
I'm looking over a four,la,la,la,la.......
My content.
I will be bigger than you some day!!!
Not now, I'm watching my show.
Just me and my shadow..........
A treat?  Yes, I am intrigued. 
Not here yet...I am docking their pay!
Ahhhh, my snuggly human!!!
What?!  The bedroom door was shut.
This is so cool.  Thanks.
My hideaway has been discovered.
I present my belly, but if you touch, I bite (just playin')
If I weren't on a leash, I would own this neighborhood.

Look!! Everyone fell asleep. Must be time to go now.
But watch again because Cherished Siberians  will be having babies again in the middle of July.
   There IS a waiting list, so if you wish to be added please give Name, Address, Phone number and E-mail with your request to . Without all 4, you are not added.
Also,  allergy testing is done by fur sample through the mail now..  If needed please request with your info for the waiting list..
23292 Hawfield Rd.
Unionville, Va.  22567