Tuesday, September 21, 2021

HONEY's Babies go Home This Weekend

 HONEY's kittens have been a joy and they are getting so big now.  They are playful and sweet and according to the Vet from their wellness visit, are all healthy and looking good.

Still nursing from Mom every once in a while.

This flamepoint boy is just watching  everything go down today.  Everybody played hard today with a dangling toy wand.  Now he is tired and watching, just like his Calico sister right behind him.  Didn't see her in the shadows ... did you?  Tricky.

There she is , hiding in the shadows under the cat tree.

This little Flamepoint boy number 2 is still running under the scratching post toy and zipping about.

This is the 1st one still chillin' out at the bottom of the cat tree.  He has the whitest face of the 3 Flamepoint boys.   He belongs to S. B.

Here's HONEY looking pretty sleek after keeping up with 6 little ones for the past 9 to 10 weeks.

Everybody is playing peek-a-boo around the toy wand  I let drop to the floor.

This is the Flamepoint with the most red over his nose.  He will keep his blue eyes his whole life.  He is so adorable.  He belongs to V. L

Our Cream Tabby Boy.  He is such a cuddle bug and purrs up a storm.  Always happy to see us and runs to greet us.

He belongs to H. H.

Playtime with the wand toy.

This pretty little princess Calico girl belongs to L. G.

Let's get this toy, I want it next.

Now it's my turn, I will jump up to get it.


This little guy is the Flamepoint boy with just a little of the red coloring over his nose.  Got to love those piercing blue eyes.  He belongs to A. D.

Everybody is watching the wand fly through the air,

I opened a paper bag to let them run in and play with, but the first thing they did was jump on top of it.  So......not so much fun after all.  hahaha.

Hey, Mom's tail!  Always a good toy.

Sometimes one or two get blurry when they are moving too fast for the toy.  But here's the Sealpoint girl and the Calico girl watching for the wand toy.


Both of these girls want a turn at getting the wand toy too.  The boys play too rough and the girls don't always get a turn,  But I trick the boys and then get it to the girls so they can play too.

Watching and jumping for the toy.

Dinner time.  They each have their own section of this  snack dish.

Good babies, eat all your food.

This little Sealpoint girl belongs to S. C.  She is a fuzzy ball of love.

I will miss all of you fun babies when you go to your homes.  But I love getting pictures from everyone when they have special moments they want me to see.

They are mostly going home on Saturday.  They are such fun and good little babies.

Thanks for watching, Cherished Siberians today.

Doreene Richmond

23292 Hawfield Rd

Unionville, Va.  22567


Saturday, September 18, 2021

DREAMER's Babies pictures.

 Here are a few pictures of DREAMER's babies.  At first I thought we had a couple of boys, but they all turned out to be girls.  They were all 3 adopted very quickly.  The next sets of kittens will more than likely start around Dec/January.  The girls will need a few months to rest and recouperate, possibly see the Vet if necessary and then we can move forward.  Healthy Mom kitties will make your babies healthy too.  So patience is the key.  

    Okay on to the pictures.  DREAMER is not too keen on sharing her little ones yet.

These are the newborn pictures.  They are about 3 days old here.

  No, I don't know which is who yet.  But their coloring will come in in the next 5 weeks.



AND  here they are with their cute little eyes opened.  They had their eyes open earlier than 9 days old!!! They are now 14 days old.  I took these pictures almost a week ago.

 So, as I said, these 3 have homes already and they will go home November 14th.

The next sets of kittens I will be finishing my waiting list starting in the middle of March, those who contacted me in March.  And then I will move on to the next month's contacts and so forth.  But I went through about 50 some odd phone calls and e-mails just to get 14 kittens adopted, so as you can see, sometimes it can get to you quickly.

Enjoy the pictures and I will be calling the rest of you through the next go around of kitten litters.  Stay tuned and please be patient.

Doreene Richmond

Cherished Siberians

23292 Hawfield Rd

Unionville, VA 22567