Monday, October 19, 2020

DREAMER's Bundles of Joy

 I will be calling the Waiting list for DREAMER's babies over the next few days.  With 60 some odd still on the waiting list and more being added each day.  All I can do is be fair with the date of contact being who I call first on the Wait list. Please don't keep asking where you are on the list or how soon  you will get a kitten.  After these 6 are adopted,  I will not have babies again until the early months of 2021.  When???  Nature will answer that as the girls go into heat and do or don't get pregnant on their "date" with Garreth.  I know about 4 to 5 weeks into their pregnancy as the belly and other signs show she is pregnant.  I cannot know or do anything about nature taking its course.

   When new kittens are born next year I will take up where I left off with the Waiting list, again starting with the ones who contacted me first, one by one, in turn.

OK...on to the pictures of DREAMER's kittens and happy thoughts and starting the day off  on a good foot.

These were taken Oct. 11th.

A view of them in their birthing box.

Mom kinda got blurred out of this picture.

They have had their eyes open a couple of weeks here.

Poor DREAMER just keeps being blurry in my pictures.

So, as soon as I can manage a few hours to dedicate to it, I will be getting individual pictures of each baby.  I have to take hundreds of pictures just to get a few good enough to be posted.  They all move so fast and don't want to be still for a moment. And Mom is a factor, she keeps trying to pick them up and put them back in the box with her.  So , it gets to be a real zoo at picture time.  (smile) 

There are 4 boys and one lone little girl.  They should be quickly adopted.  They are so cute.

Have a happy day!

Doreene Richmond with Cherished Siberians

23292 Hawfield Rd.

Unionville, Va. 22567


HONEY's Babys all have homes. All ADOPTED.

HONEY's  little Calico girl.

One of HONEY's Cream Tabby boys.

Sometimes it's hard to tell the two of these apart.  But one does have a little more white in his face.

Second Cream Tabby boy.



This is the Flamepoint boy.

HONEY's  Bluepoint boy.

The Colorpoint girl.

So, just a few quick pictures so you can see your baby .  I will be getting better pictures in the next few days.   I was just SO busy with 19 kittens and the first 7 leaving; all the paperwork and gift bags to go and Vet. visits and vaccinations etc. to get them all ready to go home.  It is a big job.  So now I can concentrate harder on getting DREAMER's kittens blogged on too.  All the remaining 12 kittens are doing very well.

Have a safe and fantastic day...

Cherished Siberians

23292 Hawfield Rd.

Unionville,Va. 22567


Monday, October 5, 2020

DREAMER's Kittens Were Born

 DREAMER  has had her kittens.  There are 6 Colorpoint (no surprise there) kittens,  5 boys and 1 lone girl. She does seem to produce more boys than girls, always.

This is DREAMER sleeping a couple of days before she gave cute

She was just curled up with both paws over her face, just sleeping away. ( smile)

She gave birth October 1, 2020,  with a take home date of  December 10, 2020.

I have tried to get face shots as best I could without disturbing Mama too much.  But it will be the last chance I get for a few weeks, she has now hidden them inside a small cubby and wants to be left alone with them (except when she's eating) haha.

This is seriously every picture I have of this litter, even if parts were blurred, I posted them anyway.  It will be a while before I will be able to get more.  And I am not going to stress DREAMER out by trying to force the issue.  Please be patient.  

     I am also not going to start adoption processes with DREAMER's litter until after the 18th when ABIGAIL's litter goes home.  That is because of all the extra work involved with the readying of these litters to head out the door , the paperwork, the doctor's visits, the vaccinations, the health records and all I need to prepare for their departure.  By then DREAMER will relax and be more open to having pictures taken and the pictures will show better their details and possibly different colorings or features to tell them apart.  Too difficult at this early stage.

   The 6 babies seem to be doing very well and growing and eating well.  Mama is very attentive and enjoying her little ones.

    Have a great day today and make each day your masterpiece.

Doreene Richmond

Cherished Siberians

23292 Hawfield  Rd.

Unionville, VA.  22567