Saturday, February 17, 2018

MALIHA has 3 kittens

Good Day and Good news (despite the terrible weather outside,  here in Culpeper, Va.)
Maliha has delivered her babies.  Only three of them, she was so huge I thought she was having 7 of them.  You can never tell. (haha)

Protective Mom.

Loving the little ones.

Three little kiddles.
Cuter than they can be.
Please protective Mommy, Please let us see...

Little Colorpoint (girl)

Little Blue Tabby with White  (girl)


Blue Tabby  (boy)

Now I'm not 100 percent sure of the sexes yet, but that's what it looked like to me at birth.  I will keep trying to make sure .

Three little ones to bless this house,

Three little ones (with such big mouths!!!)  They are LOUD little ones right now.
So healthy too!
And Maliha is such a good mommy, she is my little sweetheart.   This is to be her last litter.  She will be retired after this litter.  She is my little girl. And she loves me very much too.  I think she will be like Toby and just be my pet and live with me forever.
I already have deposits on two of these babies, unless someone decides to wait for Sophia's kittens due in about 4 more weeks.
So keep looking here on the blog on updates on that status.  But to be put on the waiting list for the next kittens please contact me at 540-7827-8950 or e-mail at

Thursday, February 1, 2018


ONCE UPON A TIME......There was a little girl named HOKO.

She was definitely the princess of the palace.  But she was very humble and good natured about it.

ONE DAY  she met a boy named GARRETH.  And she fell in love.

AFTER ALL, who could blame her, look how dashing and good looking her GARRETH was.
AFTER a time they had babies together.  And all was happy and fun in the palace.
The babies grew and played and were well loved around the palace.

They were healthy, happy , little ones and fun abounded.

LOOK, what's that?

It's a little princess hiding under the couch.

IT IS SOPHIA.  Silly girl.

SOPHIA is now over a year old. And she is able to bring joy to the palace with new little princesses and princes. 

And she is doing quite well.  As is her sister ,  DREAMER.


DREAMER is also able to add to the palace's joy when little princes and princesses will run around the palace,

Dreamer is also 

The two sisters are best friends and they have a lot of fun running and jumping and sleeping and eating and doing what most feline princesses get into.
SOPHIA is now having a litter of kittens in the next couple of months.
AND DREAMER, not to be outdone mind you, is also expecting her own litter in a few months time.
And it all started with a little love in a palace of felines at CHERISHED SIBERIANS in CULPEPER, VA.
So if you were wishing and dreaming of a special prince or princess of your own, not to worry, we shall soon have a pick of the litter waiting for you.
Please contact Doreene Richmond at 540-727-8950