Thursday, February 2, 2017

Introducing GARETH from Russia

 This is a very cute picture ( even if somewhat blurry )  of my new breeder boy  Gareth straight from Russia.
 He is a fun loving boy, and HUGE.  And so incredibly affectionate.  I just love this guy!!!
 He loves playing with toys, and chasing around.  He is quite the clown sometimes.
 Here is a picture of him playing with a toy and Sophia (one of my kittens I am keeping for my next years' breeder girl).  Doesn't he look happy though???
Contented and happy.  And so am I.  He is the best cat I could ever have hoped for. His mama in Russia had to have been so attentive and loving and sweet to have raised this perfect cat for me.  (smile)  He has the most intense blue eyes.  As soon as I can capture the right angle, I will put his royal blue eyes on the blog.  I can't get it to come out right with the evening lighting in the room.
Can you see his white "boot" feet?  All four feet have the white paws.   He has already mated with Hoko and I am hoping to see that she is pregnant in a few weeks.

     In other news, Kassandra was back out with Joey a few weeks ago  and it looks hopeful that she is REALLY pregnant this time.  So  I will let you know for definite in a couple more  weeks.

     A happy week-end wish for all from Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.  And I hope you enjoy the pictures of Gareth my boy from Russia.  I just love him, and am happy to have him as part of my family.