Sunday, May 29, 2016

Focus on Hoko's Litter of 6

Hello, Maliha's litter of 5 have all gone home now, so it is time to focus on Hoko's litter and give these little guys' parents pictures and updates.
    Some of the photos are fuzzy in areas, but I found a focal point so cute I just wanted to share it.  I am so definitely NOT a professional photographer.......sorry. 

 Here is how I feed all 6 at one time.  A party chip and dip dish with 6 sections.  They all have their own bowl and their own portions.  That does not mean to say that once they have finished theirs they don't jump to someone else's section to finish off their brother or sisters' portion.  (smile)  Kids will be kids.   You have to be quick with that many siblings.

 This is the Black Tabby.  His parents will be glad to see him a little more in focus, he is so active, I thought he really was a blur.  But once in a while I get a good clear picture and prove myself   wrong.

 This is the little Black/Brown Tabby girl.  She is sweet and cuddly.  She is a good team player too.  She jumps in there with the best of them.   hahaha

 Black Tabby again.  Still a little blurry.

 It;s hard to tell with the lighting this morning, (my bulbs blew out in the living room and I didn't get the ladder out to replace them right away.)   But to the left is the Blue Tabby boy (still available) and the Black/Brown Tabby girl is in the back and the Black/Brown Tabby boy is in the front (still available).
 Black/Brown Tabby girl.  I cropped her out of a picture of active and blurry siblings. She looks so sweet staring up at a toy I was waving.

 Both Black/Brown Tabby kittens. Girl in back.

 Little girl, Blue Lynx Point.  Blue eyes and alert.  She has a wonderful home to go to.  Someone who got a kitten from me last year.  Now they will have playmates always.  She really fell in love with this little girl at first sight.  (smile)

 Black/ Brown Tabby boy.  He is a fine specimen of a Siberian Boy.  Nice large, strong head and shoulders, round eyes, round features, ears spaced well apart.  So nicely put together, I wish I could keep him for my next breeder boy, but he'd be related to all my girls, so that won't do.  But what a wonderful boy he is.  And he is still available.  I have to admit, I didn't put him out there as strongly.  But he does need a loving home.

 Play time. 
 Whoops, where did it go???  2 of them see it.

 Black/Brown Tabby girl with Blue Tabby boy laying down.

 Black/Brown Tabby girl.

Black/Brown Tabby girl, Blue Lynx Point boy.

 Play time.    Black/Brown Tabby boy with Black Tabby (top picture)  And Black Tabby, Blue Tabby and Blue Lynx Point girl. (bottom)


 Black/Brown Tabby boy (different lighting)

 Black/Brown Tabby girl

 Blue Lynx Point girl.
 Black Tabby Boy.  Me holding him up.

Blue Lynx Point girl.  Me holding her up.

    There is so much to do before they go home now.  They need their vaccinations and a wellness visit to the Vet.  And they still have a little more time before they go home on June 10th or there abouts.
     Hope you enjoyed our little focus group.  (smile)


Hope you enjoyed our time together.......until next time, this is Doreene Richmond, With Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.    Have a great day.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hello from wet and rainy Culpeper, Va. We are supposed to get a brief relief from the rain this weekend.  I hope so.
    But indoors the kittens are oblivious to the conditions that have saturated our spirits. They are warm, dry, well fed, and loved.  Really, isn't that what we all look for?   Watching them jump around the room and play is so fun and rewarding.

 There is just something about this small , oval, plastic bowl.   They all LOVE to play with it.  And they get half-way in the bowl and scoot across the room in it.

It is just so hilarious to watch.
Maliha's five are almost ready to go home.  May 18th they will be 10 weeks old. 
All of Maliha's kittens are spoken for and have homes they are going to.  
But their forever families will probably enjoy seeing their little ones playing.

The Flame Point boy, I call Flash, after Flash Gordon, because of how quickly he runs to me any time I come into the room.

The Blue Tabby girl is relaxed in my arms here.

 So very cute.

 And this little Blue Lynx point girl is almost asleep in my arms.

And my little Calico girl.  What lovely kittens I have.

And finally, the Blue Tabby boy. He is a real rough and tumble kinda guy. And he jumps, high when he plays.

So here we have them all fat and fine.

  And I am going to post this NOW before anything goes wrong.  Have a great day!