Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hello from wet and rainy Culpeper, Va. We are supposed to get a brief relief from the rain this weekend.  I hope so.
    But indoors the kittens are oblivious to the conditions that have saturated our spirits. They are warm, dry, well fed, and loved.  Really, isn't that what we all look for?   Watching them jump around the room and play is so fun and rewarding.

 There is just something about this small , oval, plastic bowl.   They all LOVE to play with it.  And they get half-way in the bowl and scoot across the room in it.

It is just so hilarious to watch.
Maliha's five are almost ready to go home.  May 18th they will be 10 weeks old. 
All of Maliha's kittens are spoken for and have homes they are going to.  
But their forever families will probably enjoy seeing their little ones playing.

The Flame Point boy, I call Flash, after Flash Gordon, because of how quickly he runs to me any time I come into the room.

The Blue Tabby girl is relaxed in my arms here.

 So very cute.

 And this little Blue Lynx point girl is almost asleep in my arms.

And my little Calico girl.  What lovely kittens I have.

And finally, the Blue Tabby boy. He is a real rough and tumble kinda guy. And he jumps, high when he plays.

So here we have them all fat and fine.

  And I am going to post this NOW before anything goes wrong.  Have a great day!

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