Monday, March 26, 2018

Maliha's 3 are Growing.

Maliha's three kittens are growing and doing fine.  They are all adopted.  But here are some fun pictures for all.

Our little Colorpoint girl.
Actually, she is the largest in the litter.  And so sweet and cuddly. She climbs in my lap and purrs and falls asleep.

 on my little couch.

She is so ready to be held and played with.  She is definitely a beauty.

Seems I can never get a seat around here any more.

That's ok, I just pick her up and hold her in my lap.

And then on to our teeniest, tinyist ,  Blue with White boy.  He is into everything.  All the time.  He is the first to come running to me, the loudest in the group, HE WILL BE HEARD!  (hahaha)  He doesn't let anything deter him.  His purr is loud and constant.  LOVES to be petted.  His parents fell in love with him early on and want him to grow and be happy and he is fulfilling their every wish.


He just can't keep still.  He's "on the move" and knows he's goin' places. (smile)

And here is Anya, her Mom has already named her.

Here's a cool way to drink out of the bowl.

MMM...that was refreshing.

Nope, can't eat the bowl.

Oh, did you catch me doing that?

Yikes, what's that shadow on the pillow?

Oh just the photographer lady who lives here and feeds us and scoops the litter.

All is safe in my world, I guess I'll take a nap.  
Anya's Mom can't wait to get her, she is already SO loved.
As they all will be once they bond with their forever families.  I have enjoyed talking to everyone and getting to know the family situations and how my babies are going to live once they get home.
So much love, and it is wonderful.
From Cherished Siberians, Good Bye for now.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sophia Had Her First Litter!

Sophia had her first litter. She had two kittens. A female Colorpoint and a
male Black kitten.  She has them in the same birthing box as Dreamer and the two will NOT leave each others' sides!!!  They nurse each others and wash each others as well as themselves.  It is sweet and endearing to see.  But they are all happy.  So until the kittens get so much bigger that they HAVE to do some shuffling around, this is what makes them happy.

Sophia curling around her two.  The kittens seem to instinctively know which mom is theirs.

And a picture of the whole brood.  8  kittens and two Moms in a box.  MEOWZERS!!!
                             So the happy, healthy,  wonderful, crazy bunch at Cherished Siberians welcomes all the calls and hopes for new homes.  540-727-8950.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Dreamer Has Had Her First Litter!

Dreamer, in the wee hours of Sunday morning delivered 6 kittens.

She is exhausted, of course, but eating and drinking well.  And she has cleaned up all the kittens.

They are all looking sweet and healthy.  There seems to be more boys than girls, but that is to be decided definitely later, as I usually get a few wrong at first.  (smile)

Busy days ahead for Mommy and for me.  She is still in the mode where she wants me to be there with her all the time. This usually settles down after a few days and their confidence kicks in.

Six little kittens.  All Colorpoints.  That is to be expected between herself (a Colorpoint and Garreth, also a Colorpoint)

O Happy day!  Dreamer is doing fine and is proving to be a good mother, and the kittens are doing fine nursing and squealing and being cute and cuddly looking.

I do have a waiting list so I must contact them first, I know some did not particularly want a Colortpoint, so they will have to wait and see what Sophia gives to us.  But soon there will be babies available.  So if you are interested please contact me , Doreene, at 540-727-8950.  Or Cherished Siberians  at and thank you for all the wonderful comments and the enjoyment of the blog, and pictures sent back of your Cherished Siberian kitten as it grows and plays.  I really enjoy seeing them again.
     And, please, enjoy the pictures of the newborns.
Have a wonderful day, from Culpeper, Va.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Maliha's Three with Eyes Opened

 Hey Mom, Are you awake?...Mom,

  Hey Mom, are you awake?

 I want to tell you a secret.....are you up?
                                                         I am NOW, dear.

Since we're up we should check on all the kittens.

 Hello, babies 3.

 OOOH, time to stretch and move around and put on your cute faces.

Aww, sorry to wake you.  You look so sleepy.

First, time to eat.

Outta the way Buddy, I'm coming over.

Heeey, man,  don't be so pushy.

Whew...what just happened here?  Look at those two eating and I just got run over.
This turns out to be our only boy.  He is a Blue Tabby with White. And he still has a GREAT pair of lungs on him. (smile)

What a cutie pie.  And such a good boy.  Sweet and purrs when petted....already.

Our Blue Tabby girl .  Is quite alert and loves for me to talk to her.  She seems to love to be held.

Who could resist that face??

Little girl Colorpoint.  She is quick to come at the sound of my voice.

So cute and cuddly.

Such a lovebug already.  Who could ask for more?

 Back to the daily grind for 3 little kittens at Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.

 So goodbye til next time to our 2 little girls and our 1 little boy. They are growing and eating and starting to walk around a bit.  And they are sweet and social (already) So I will keep you posted.
IN THE MEANTIME......Dreamer and Sophia are getting closer to their due dates.  So before the month is out we will have more news for you.