Sunday, June 14, 2020

DREAMER'S Babies Ready to Fly the Coop

The day is fast approaching when I will have no more babies here at Cherished Siberians.  These babies go to the Vet on Tuesday and get their health checked out before they head home with their new Moms and Dads.  Their take home date is the 18th.  So these guys are getting big now.  I always miss the babies and their playtimes.  But I also relish the peace and quiet and a little more time to tend the garden and the yard and other matters at hand.  That many babies takes up a lot of time through the days.

 Our Bluepoint Girl with White.  She is bold and funny.

 Peek a boo

 Our little boy, Bluepoint with White.   What adorable markings on his face and nose.

 4 out of 5 babies agree, it's fun playing in this corner.  Actually I was cleaning and put a lot of toys into the birthing box while I vacuumed and changed out the water bowl and filled the food dishes.  
And they were so curious  they just climbed in and on everything.

 Bluepoint boy with white.  He is very slightly larger than all the others.  But they are all so close in size its really just an ounce or two that distinguishes them.  We'll get them all weighed on Tuesday at the Vet.

Big chair for such a little girl.  Bluepoint girl.  With the dark legs.

Playing with a ball in roller toy.  Its one of their favorites to play together.  Kinda like Kitty-catch.

Our Bluepoint  boy.  With the dark legs.  Under the cat stand.

 Two kittens on top of the cat stand.

Dreamer looking at me and then looking like she's going to fall asleep sitting there.

 Bluepoint boy with White.

Bluepoint boy with the dark legs.

Bluepoint with White

Bluepoint with White boy.

There were so many more pictures but they arent showing up off my phone yet.  Maybe tomorrow.
But  I wanted to get some pictures out anyway.  They are so cute.  And quick, I had to delete 3 times as many pictures for blurred movements and backs of heads shots.  Kittens do not sit still for good shots. (smile).

     I do not have any available kittens at this time.  I am projecting a take home date of possibly Nov./Dec. when one of the girls gets pregnant again.
    Oh yes, in other news HOKO had gotten a bad infection and I ended up getting her spayed.  It was in her best interest.  And she already has a loving home waiting for her once her new family comes back from vacation.  She is doing great and is more mellow now and being more socially interactive. So spaying can change cats in good ways.  She is more loving.  Hard to imagine.

    So that's the news here at Cherished Siberians in Unionville, Va.
Thank you for taking the time to check out the blog.

Families please remember a carrier for the ride home, for the safety of your kitten, it is the equivalent of a car seat for a new baby.  Holding baby on the way home is not a good idea.  If they hide under your seats it may be very hard to find them once you get home.
    Also remember all balances must be in cash when you come to pick up your kittens.  I need 5 days prior to pick up to use PayPal and 14 days prior to pick up for a check to clear.  At this point cash is the only option as there are only a few days left before the take home date.

Thank you and have a fabulous day.