Sunday, October 27, 2013

 Hello, It has been too long since I've written on my blog.  But things seem to be hectic around here for the past month.
    Here are my four who are left with me now.  I have Gracie as a breeder, and Hoko, who is going to be my newest breeder girl, and Maliha who has had one litter and she is such a loving and excellent mother.
     And then there is Toby, my pet, who used to be a stud male, but he had to be retired.  Now he's just my great big baby boy.
     I am hoping and praying that Gracie is pregnant now.  She will be showing and then I'll know for sure in about 4 to 5 more weeks.  I will be soooo happy if she is pregnant.  She is so very soft and all her kittens felt like a mink coat.  So very very soft. Hoko is one of her kittens and she will be old enough to breed come February or March.
     Akimi had her operation on Oct. 9th and recovered and is now a happy house cat with her new parents in N'rn. Va, And she is adjusting to her new home and family so quickly,
I was so proud of her.  She jumps in their laps and purrs and it seems she is quite content.  She is an only kitty in a household without children, so she is the soul focus of her new parents.  This was THE ideal situation for her.  She craves attention.
    So in order down the picture line, I have Gracie, then Hoko, then my little princess Maliha, then Toby, then Gracie again, then Hoko again, a couple of grainy pictures one of Toby one of Maliha, sorry about that, I don't know why my I-phone did that.  Then the one on the left is Akimi right before she went to her new home.
    So  Cherished Siberians is still a full house.  And if Gracie is pregnant.....we are growing as we speak
     Culpeper has gotten so cold lately, and really fast too.  Is it the same everywhere this year? I wonder.  I've also heard it is supposed to be a "snowmageddon" year.  Yikes, I'm noready for this.  I'm not much for cold. Brrrr.  Stay warm until The next time.    Meow.