Saturday, August 20, 2016

Kassie's Litter Pictures

Kassie is seen here with her 3 little ones.  The darker one against her chest is the Blue Tabby boy.  
He is currently available.

The lighter one in front with the white down her chest is the Blue Torbie girl.  She has been adopted.
The Colorpoint is a girl.  She has her forever home as well.
Kassie loves her kittens.  She looks contented doesn't she?  These little ones are walking all over the place now.
The 3 sleeping beauties.
These  two  girls  are  spoken  for.  Aren't  they  adorable?!!
This little boy is interested in finding a home soon.  He is cuddled up with mommy's tail.
Torbie girl.   Cuddling up with mommy.

Rolling around the floor and playing tag and having fun.  Blue Tabby boy and Colorpoint girl.
Colorpoint girl.

Two girls in a box.
Just the cutest picture ever.  This girl knows she's cute.
I cannot even tell you what all has been going on this month.  I am having ISSUES  here in Culpeper, Va.  And the heat is the least of my problems.  (smile)   I fell and broke my ankle.  THEN  I got hit with an infection in my sinuses and glands and the Dr. put me on bedrest for about 4 days.  Believe me, I didn't feel like moving anyway.  But I am feeling better, and hope to be out of the cast in another 3-4 weeks.   But enough about me....sorry the pictures took so long to get here.  I know there were many of you eagerly awaiting them and wondering what in the world was taking so long.
     The mom and babies are doing well.  They have learned to climb out of their birthing box and have taken complete control of the living room area.  They are eating wet canned food and their tummies are getting really fat after that.  Hahaha.   They are so cute with food all over their little mouths.  And I love watching them lick their paws clean when they finish eating.
     I have only one kitten who is not spoken for at the moment.  The most outgoing kitten in the litter.  The Blue Tabby boy.  He is the first to run and greet me when I walk in the room and they all 3 run out to greet people as they come in to see them.  Kassie is a really good mother.  And her love of people has really rubbed off on all her babies.  They are so friendly and sweet.
     So if you have been waiting for a little boy to love and cuddle, please contact me about this great little guy.
     Thank you for being so patient and loyal to keep checking until I could get something on this blog for you.   Have a lovely day today.   Hope your day is PURRRRRFECT  as always.