Saturday, August 23, 2014

Video try

Pictures in place of Video that didn't come out.

GOOD Morning, from Culpeper , Va. Cherished Siberians is a happy and busy place right now.  Maliha's kittens are 4 weeks old now and are healthy and playful kittens.Here are a few pictures I will post since my attempt at a video did not turn out.  I'll need to try to figure out how to put a video on the blog that will actually play.   In the above picture we have the Blue Tabby with white and Torbie girl and Black Tabby girl and the other 4 feeding.

Torbie girl and Black Tabby girl nestled together.

 Ok, Blue Tabby boy and Torbie girl, Blue Tabby with white girl, and the Blue Tabby girl who still needs an adoption.

My little climbers, whenever they hear a human voice they are ready to be picked up and cuddled. I believe that is the Blue Tabby boy climbing up front with the Black Tabby boy looking up next to him and the Blue Tabby girl with white, behind,and a Blue Tabby girl with white and the Black Tabby girl in the background and the Blue girl , who is not adopted yet. (well her eyeball anyway)

 Torbie girl looking out , with Black Tabby girl laying on her and Black Tabby boy curled up nursing.

Belive it or not, it has been a long long day for me today, and I am very sleepy,  I think I'll try to get more pictures if not a video up here in the next week-end.  I'll get help on how to make the video work.   Ok, good night for now and....get some great ZZZZZZ's yourself.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Look at the Cute Little Eyes Open

So many cute pictures.  I really like this litter. (smile)

Ok, wait,,, I count 6 pictures, I'm going to have to do this again.  I missed one.  When I figure out which one I missed I will repost pictures.
     OK so enjoy these and some group shots, and I'll get back to the picture taking.
          So far I have deposits on both boys and the black tabby girl, the tabby girl with the white on her face and paws and the blue girl with white about the eyes.  The other two are still up in the air, I haven't heard back from the lady nor received a deposit for either, so I hope to know something soon.

The little girl in the front looking straight at the camera is one of the girls (maybe) still available.
Also the girl next to her with the white stripe on her forehead.  But I'm sure I'll hear soon about their adoption or not.
    So from Cherished Siberians on this crazy busy day in this crazy busy week and month, I hold out hope I'll get more pictures real soon. Of the one by one shots of ALL 7. (smile)