Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cherished Siberians of Virginia, Kittens Sale

Will it ever warm up and stay dry in Culpeper?  It was nice and warm for a few days and now its been raining for a few days.  But inside, the cats and kittens are warm and dry and happy.

Just an announcement that one of Gracie's boys is spoken for, will have to update which one when they actually choose "the one".  And Gracie's girl is now adopted. Of course, they will be able to go home with their new families at 10 weeks when it will be time for them to leave their mom's care.  They will have been dewormed and had their first vaccinations by that time also.  Check out pricing and more on   Free allergy testing is done in my home in Culpeper, Va. also  Make your appt. today.  Kittens are for sale now.

Also Akimi's color point female may have a new family.  Will let you know in a few days' time.  And one of the two black kittens is really a female.  So we have one black female and one black male.  Sometimes it's hard to tell when they are so small.  But now it is official.

Maliha's litter is growing too.  And now have their eyes open.   This is just a quick update.  I'll post new pictures soon.  Stay tuned.........

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cherished Siberian Akimi's Kittens Update

Akimi's kittens are now 10 days old.  They are getting bigger and some are just starting to get their eyes open.  By next week they should all have their eyes open.

All three with mommy.  Curled up after a satisfying dinner.

This is our first black male.  He is sticking his tongue out at you.

This is the second black male and he is very sleepy. 

This is our blue male and is trying to see the world for the first time.

And our color point little girl.  So precious.

If you'd like to reserve your kitten today, go to cherished  to see the pricing and contact information.

Or leave a comment and I will contact you.

Maliha's First Litter of Siberian Kittens

It has been quite a week here at Cherished Siberians.   I want to thank you so much for your patience on my updates.  A lot has been going on, but I do have a lot to update!

The big announcement is that on Monday, May 6th, Maliha gave birth to her first litter of Siberian kittens.  She had three healthy little ones.  Two boys (a black and a red) and one girl (a blue).

 The youngest of Maliha's litter.  The oldest was the Blue.

As of today, the kittens are 4 days old, and doing very well. 

Maliha has proven to be an excellent mother.  She is attentive and loving, and her kittens are growing nicely.

More updates to come later on tonight.  I have new pictures of Akimi's litter, and of Gracie's.

If you have any questions, or would like more information or more pictures, please leave a comment below, or visit  

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It is May 1st  and exciting things are happening at Cherished Siberians Cattery in  Culpeper, Va. At 2 a.m. Akimi went into labor and produced 4 happy, healthy kittens. 2 black males and 1 blue male and 1 color point female.  So cute, and squirmy.

Both mother and babies are doing extremely well.

An update on Gracie and her kittens.  The kittens are a little over a week old now.  Two of them are beginning to open their eyes.  They are growing bigger by the day and are very healthy.

Here are some pictures:

More pictures are on their way!  I will post some pictures tomorrow showing each kitten individually. 

But it's been a long, busy, and tiring day, so for now I am going to go get some sleep.