Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cherished Siberians of Virginia, Kittens Sale

Will it ever warm up and stay dry in Culpeper?  It was nice and warm for a few days and now its been raining for a few days.  But inside, the cats and kittens are warm and dry and happy.

Just an announcement that one of Gracie's boys is spoken for, will have to update which one when they actually choose "the one".  And Gracie's girl is now adopted. Of course, they will be able to go home with their new families at 10 weeks when it will be time for them to leave their mom's care.  They will have been dewormed and had their first vaccinations by that time also.  Check out pricing and more on   Free allergy testing is done in my home in Culpeper, Va. also  Make your appt. today.  Kittens are for sale now.

Also Akimi's color point female may have a new family.  Will let you know in a few days' time.  And one of the two black kittens is really a female.  So we have one black female and one black male.  Sometimes it's hard to tell when they are so small.  But now it is official.

Maliha's litter is growing too.  And now have their eyes open.   This is just a quick update.  I'll post new pictures soon.  Stay tuned.........

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