Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It is May 1st  and exciting things are happening at Cherished Siberians Cattery in  Culpeper, Va. At 2 a.m. Akimi went into labor and produced 4 happy, healthy kittens. 2 black males and 1 blue male and 1 color point female.  So cute, and squirmy.

Both mother and babies are doing extremely well.

An update on Gracie and her kittens.  The kittens are a little over a week old now.  Two of them are beginning to open their eyes.  They are growing bigger by the day and are very healthy.

Here are some pictures:

More pictures are on their way!  I will post some pictures tomorrow showing each kitten individually. 

But it's been a long, busy, and tiring day, so for now I am going to go get some sleep.

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