Saturday, June 28, 2014

Allergy Testing Dates for July

     JULY promises to be a busy month, and I may be having a litter at the end of July.  So I have set aside two days that allergy testing may be done.  Tuesday July 8th and Saturday July 19th.  Please call to schedule a time on these days if you are interested in allergy testing.
     Culpeper is a beautiful and historic town, with lots of interesting shops on Davis St. and Main St.  So plan your 20 minutes or so with Cherished Siberians and then scout the town for bargains and beautiful pieces, or see the museum and many landmarks around the town.  Eat a wonderful meal and return home satisfied and happy.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Hoko's litter is ready to go HOME!

 Cherished Siberians is getting ready to empty nest once more......
On June 30th  the kittens all go for their wellness checkup at the vet's office and then they can go home with their families.  Please bring your carriers, and keep them safe on the ride home.  Please call and tell me which day and time you'll pick them up.  From 5 pm on the 30th til the next weekend in July I can make arrangements to be home to greet you and have your baby ready to go home.   One is going all the way to Texas, but his daddy is coming to get him.  He is one special kitten!
Here are some more fun and current pictures before they go home.

 HERE'S  a jolly trio, its Skittles, Claea, and Zoli,

 Zoli and Mei

 Claea and Zoli

 Claea, Jesse, and Skittles


 The elusive Jesse...he didn't want to face the camera today.  He's just too busy.


 Jesse, just hangin' around


 Pretty little MEI


 Wonder if I can get it....Skittles says.
Did you say DINNERTIME???

 Beautiful Zoli
 Curious Claea

 Jesse andSkittles

 Jesse, Zoli and Skittles  with Gracie walking away.

 These guys just have sooooo much fun.
 Claea and Zoli
 Skittles, Mei, and Zoli

Claea, Mei, and Zoli

Well, I hope you have enjoyed our picture kitten review, and that you can't wait to come and pick up your babies. (smile)  They are eagerly awaiting your arrival.
     Have a great Culpeper, Va. day.  And keep cool.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What do the kittens do all day?

My babies are busy all day
.  They are eating wet and dry food now.
Some of these guys just wait for the others to leave so they can scarf up all the crumbs.
 Zoli and Claea are at the feeding station. LOL.  I keep several bowls of water out for the bunch.
If all else fails, hide the leftovers with your body so no one else will find it.  A tactic Claea and Mei are using here.
 AND  there's playtime...
 Jesse and Zoli
 Skittles and Mei
 Courageous Skittles on a downward slope...
 Claea on her way down from the playplace,
 Jesse is waiting for someone to come play on the hammock
 Oh good Mei came to play
Mei and Jesse

Jesse and Zoli
 MEI gets vocal.
 Let's lick our chops says CLAEA





  SKITTLES is a darling boy.



WHAT????  This is the END?

Goodbye for today from Cherished Siberians 
   in Culpeper, Va.