Monday, June 2, 2014

Tuxedo Found a Forever Home

A wonderful couple have given Tuxedo a new home.  He curled up on her and wouldn't let go.  It seemed like a match with a happy ending.  And her husband was so excited about him as well. Yeay, another happy home.  Send me pictures as they grow!  (smile)
      Hoko's  litter is growing and getting adventurous, they are walking now and going everywhere in the living room and once in a while up the hallway before we scoop them up and take them back to mommy.
     Well, Cherished Siberians is getting to be a little more calm a place as the kittens  are finding homes.  And I hope everyone will enjoy the summer weather outside.  Culpeper County has a little school  left, they get out the 12th of June.  Soon there will be many happy sounding children outside playing.    And some will be playing inside with their kittens.  Have a wonderful day.

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