Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What do the kittens do all day?

My babies are busy all day
.  They are eating wet and dry food now.
Some of these guys just wait for the others to leave so they can scarf up all the crumbs.
 Zoli and Claea are at the feeding station. LOL.  I keep several bowls of water out for the bunch.
If all else fails, hide the leftovers with your body so no one else will find it.  A tactic Claea and Mei are using here.
 AND  there's playtime...
 Jesse and Zoli
 Skittles and Mei
 Courageous Skittles on a downward slope...
 Claea on her way down from the playplace,
 Jesse is waiting for someone to come play on the hammock
 Oh good Mei came to play
Mei and Jesse

Jesse and Zoli
 MEI gets vocal.
 Let's lick our chops says CLAEA





  SKITTLES is a darling boy.



WHAT????  This is the END?

Goodbye for today from Cherished Siberians 
   in Culpeper, Va.

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