Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Empty Nest Syndrome

Hello Cherished Siberians Readers,  I have no more kittens in the house.  It is quiet and empty, and way more relaxed.   I have only the 4 cats here right now.  Maliha and Hoko and Kassie, my new girl who will be my new breeder once she is  year old. And, of course, Toby, my pet.

SO  good-bye to all the cute kittens for awhile.

Maliha needs to soak up the sun and relax for a bit.

Memories of babies still abound.  But none are still here.

Hoko seems to be remembering.

The Reds, The Colorpoints, The Tabbies.  

The Blacks and Whites.  ALL of them have found homes.  AND I have pictures of many of them from their new homes.  My next page will be pictures sent to me from their new homes.
     I hope all of you are enjoying this blog with your favorite little furrball in your lap or near to you.
                                         Goodbye to you for today.