Tuesday, August 21, 2018


ABIGAIL has been a terrific mother.  And she is happy with her little ones running around my bedroom floor.  (If only they would stay on the floor....I wake up to kittens running and jumping on me in my bed early in the morning.  They want their breakfast.  (smile)

These are the two girls.  They are spoken for.  There are four boys still available.  (For more females please see HONEY'S earlier post.)

This is the little Blue with White Boy, just chillin' and relaxin'.  See in the top picture his tail with the solid white half.  That is how I tell him apart from his nearly identical sister.  She has a simple ring around her tail.


This is my Colorpoint boy.  He has a white muzzle and four white socks.  And he is feisty and friendly.  And purrs up a storm.

Here are two cute pictures of the Blue Tabby boy.  He is smart and cuddly and cute as a button.

And my little Brown/ Black Tabby boy.  He is funny and quick and very friendly.



I'm a girl, I'm supposed to be in your face.......

Well, I guess that's all for now folks....Contact me at 540-727-8950 or at Cherished Siberians to hold one of these babies as your very own.  Someone is waiting for you to love them!!!!!

HONEY'S Litter Pictures........Finally

I think I got a few good shots of HONEY'S little ones.  She was very protective and didn't want me touching and holding them until recently.  She is a little more comfortable with it now.  Still protective though.  That's okay, I would rather her be that way than not care for them at all.  She is Maliha's daughter and Maliha was always protective of her little ones as well.  Maybe not THIS protective, but she must've gotten it from her Mom. (smile)

Okay we have three little girls and two little boys.  Two Colorpoint girls and one Blue with White girl.   One Blue Tabby boy and one Blue with white Tabby boy.

This is a good one of our little Blue With White Girl.

And this is really a good one of the two Colorpoint Girls.

This one captures the Blue Tabby Boy pretty good right in front of the Colorpoint girl.

This is a pretty good picture of the Blue with White Tabby Boy.

I am definitely hoping to get individual pictures for you as Honey eases up on the overprotective Mommy mode.

   They are three weeks old now.  And none of them are spoken for as of yet (because no one has seen them yet , Hahaha,)  But contact me soon if you would love to cuddle and love one of these little ones forever and ever.  (smile)   Call at 540-727-8950 or E-mail at cherishedsiberians@yahoo.com.

   THANK YOU for being so patient for the pictures and I hope they were worth waiting for.  They are seriously cute.  And so tiny right now, they are about the size of a clemmentine orange.  (just for comparison)

Thank you for visiting my site and any questions, I would be happy to answer.  From Cherished Siberians,  stay dry and happy today.   

Thursday, August 9, 2018

HONEY'S First Litter

HONEY has had her firat litter.  They are now a week and 1/2 old.  But she is super protective of them and she nipped at me when I tried to pick them up.  So It will a be a little bit longer before I can get pictures for you.  She has a girl Blue with White who looks a lot like the Blue with White ones in Abigail's litter.  And she has two Blue Tabby boys , and two Colorpoint Girls.  Five kittens in all. 
   They are all still available now...well...since nobody knew they were born yet. (smile)
Have a great day!!!!  And contact me soon.

ABIGAIL'S Kittens Availability Update

Good Morning from Cherished Siberians in Culpeper, Va.

ABIGAIL'S kittens are getting bigger and cuter every day.
This is ABIGAIL with the Colorpoint girl behind her.  The Colorpoint girl is spoken for. And they have named her Lana.

This is the Colorpoint boy.  His face is so gorgeous.   And he has all four white paws.  He runs out to meet me any time I walk into the room.  And purrs quickly as I pet him.   He is still available.

Here is my Brown/Black Mackeral Tabby.  He is adorable and especially sociable and friendly as well.  He likes to follow me around my room.  He is available.

 Here is my little girl, Blue with White.  She is adopted already.  And they can't wait to take her home as soon as possible.

And this is my little Blue with White boy.  He just go- go- go's  I had to hang on to him to get a picture. He runs to me when I call him and is affectionate and playful.  A wonderful friendly kitten.
And he is still available.

Here is a sweet picture of my Blue Tabby Boy.  He looks sweet and cuddly (and he is) and he loves to be held.  Comes as soon as he is called and runs to meet me whenever I come into the room.  He is available and can be yours today.  Call and send in your deposit today.  These little ones go home in only 4 more weeks.

Here are a few more fun pictures.

To contact me about adopting one of the 4 boys here, please call 540-727-8950, or email cherishedsiberians@yahoo.com and let me know which one you are interested in.
Unfortunately, it didn't work out that 2 or the same colors went to the same homes.  I just thought that would have been so much fun.  I can see the names now..."Pete and Repete....hahaha.   However the discounts always apply to multiple kittens going to one home.
     Have a lovely day and keep purring along.