Tuesday, August 21, 2018

HONEY'S Litter Pictures........Finally

I think I got a few good shots of HONEY'S little ones.  She was very protective and didn't want me touching and holding them until recently.  She is a little more comfortable with it now.  Still protective though.  That's okay, I would rather her be that way than not care for them at all.  She is Maliha's daughter and Maliha was always protective of her little ones as well.  Maybe not THIS protective, but she must've gotten it from her Mom. (smile)

Okay we have three little girls and two little boys.  Two Colorpoint girls and one Blue with White girl.   One Blue Tabby boy and one Blue with white Tabby boy.

This is a good one of our little Blue With White Girl.

And this is really a good one of the two Colorpoint Girls.

This one captures the Blue Tabby Boy pretty good right in front of the Colorpoint girl.

This is a pretty good picture of the Blue with White Tabby Boy.

I am definitely hoping to get individual pictures for you as Honey eases up on the overprotective Mommy mode.

   They are three weeks old now.  And none of them are spoken for as of yet (because no one has seen them yet , Hahaha,)  But contact me soon if you would love to cuddle and love one of these little ones forever and ever.  (smile)   Call at 540-727-8950 or E-mail at cherishedsiberians@yahoo.com.

   THANK YOU for being so patient for the pictures and I hope they were worth waiting for.  They are seriously cute.  And so tiny right now, they are about the size of a clemmentine orange.  (just for comparison)

Thank you for visiting my site and any questions, I would be happy to answer.  From Cherished Siberians,  stay dry and happy today.   

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