Thursday, February 7, 2019

Sophia's Availability and waiting for kittens

Good morning, everybody waiting for kittens....Well, Abigail faked me out and just a week before her delivery date she went back into heat.  So, back out with Garreth she went. No kittens.  And it will be weeks before I will know who, if anyone may be pregnant.  So bear with me.  Nature comes in cycles and cannot always be predicted.

THIS IS SOPHIA.  She is two years old going on 3 and she has recently been spayed and is looking for a loving forever home.  She loves to cuddle up on the couch and watch TV with me.  She is very sweet , with a bit of a shyer personality. A quieter home situation would be her preference.  She's pretty laid back, and very curious, which can sometimes get her into trouble. lol.   I am willing to let her go for $800. to the right home and people. I had 5 breeder girls and it simply overwhelmed me, so I decided to downsize by 1 breeder.  That is the only reason she is available now.  She is truly a sweetie!!!

     If interested, please contact me at 540-727-8950 or at
Thank you everybody and please continue to look us up soon for updates on kittens and what is happening at Cherished Siberians.