Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hoko's kitten pictures

Good morning from Cherished Siberians in /Culpeper, Va.  It is finally trying to warm up a bit and it feels so nice.
     I know everyone has been wondering if I've fallen off the face of the earth...but Hoko has been so possessive of this litter of kittens, if I try to take a picture of one, she jumps up there and takes the kitten back into the box.  She gets very upset if I even try to pet them.  That's not usually how she is, but I don't want to upset the cart with them being this young yet.  Here are a few group shots ok?

So they are adorable and they are growing and eating and getting bigger.  And in a few more days' time they should be getting their eyes open.  And soon after I will try to get individual pictures of these babies to you.  I don't understand Hoko's demeanor right now, but I'm going to flow with it, (since she has the power of mother's milk for the babies) haha,  I don't want her rejecting any kittens this tiny.

   All four of the girls were snatched up immediately and I have 2 boys left to find homes for, but I am still working on my waiting list first.  Then I'll let you know if there are any left to the public after that.  In another month Gracie can get pregnant again and either this next litter or possibly one more after that will be her final litter before she is retired.  She already has a forever home set up for her.  She is going to be one spoiled cat in her new home, I can tell from talking with her future mom.  I am VERY happy about that.

       Maliha's litter is 6 weeks old now and getting into everything. Can't keep them contained in a small area in my room any more.  Time to kitten musical chairs.  Hoko's will come in my room and Maliha's will go into the living room.....(who am I kidding, I should just say the cat room) where they have run of the room, kitty climb on areas and lots of light and play areas.

All 3 of Maliha's have homes.  They are just waiting to get old enough to go  with their new families.  It's so exciting to see the love flowing back and forth when people pick up their babies.  I love it.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Hoko's Kittens

Hoko had her kittens yesterday!!!   She had 6. Believe it or not she only had ONE colorpoint!  That never happens with her.  (smile)  But she had one Blue Tabby boy, I think 3 Black Tabby girls (It was hard to tell on one of them.)  and a Colorpoint girl and a Black Tabby boy.IF  I've read them all right.

So as always give us a few days before pictures and I will do so when she is willing to give them up for a nanosecond each. (smile)

She actually did deliver exactly on time.  I had misread and misremembered the date , I thought I  was waiting since the 13th (haha) think of how worried I was getting as each day went by,  then I had to go check something on the calendar for another cat and ... lo and behold her due date WAS the 19th.  RIGHT on time. (smile)

Maliha's litter is growing and getting cuter all the time.  They are on their feet and walking a little bit.  Not out of the box yet.  But I give that a week. (haha) then they will be all over the place.  Have to walk very carefully.  eeeek.  Even only 3 of them can quickly dart right under where your foot is going to go down.  My daughter is back in town now and maybe I can get her to come over and take some really nice pictures of all the babies and get them posted in a week or so.  I'll ask her.

So from Culpeper, Va. and Cherished Siberians we wish you a happy Spring and hope all the coming flowers and warmer weather will treat you kindly and make your world happy.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pictures of the kittens for their adopted families.

Of course, Maliha's three have been adopted already.  And I know there were still so many of you who wanted a kitten.   But Hoko is about to deliver any day now.  I am sleeping by her at night and hoping it will not be much longer now.

     Here are some adorable pictures of the three for the families who have adopted them.  It is a sure thing that they will get to see them here.  Sometimes sending pictures via phones, don't always work so well. (smile)

Our little Black Tabby with White.   Remember if you have names picked out, let me know so I can start calling them by their names right away.

He is definitely a little Flame Point cutie.  With those wonderful blue eyes.  See his fat little tummy?    Well fed little babies.

And our sweet little Blue Tabby girl.  She wouldn't let me get good pictures on the stand , so I had to get pictures on my bed.  Her eyes really stand out.  Such a good girl.

SO, I hope everyone enjoyed the updated pictures of our 3.  And as soon as Hoko has hers, I'll be sending photos a few days later as well.
     Keep posted.  (smile)

Friday, March 6, 2015

Something Fun

Here's something fun.  I have pictures from people who have gotten kittens from me and now they are growing up.  And they are beautiful.  So here are a few.  Hopefully more families will want to show their cats now after they have gotten bigger and more beautiful.  And you can see even more of my Breeders' babies. (smile)

We're waiting for our breakfast.  What is taking so long?
What?  You told me to stay OFF the couch??
Ok...I'll just nap on the bed then.                        
This is my best friend.  I love him soooooo much.
This is my look I give to get whatever I want.
Did I hear the can opener???

 PLEASE  remember,  all these cats are already in their forever homes.   These cats are NOT for sale.
They are already in the homes that love them.

 This one is MY Toby.  He is my "social director".  (haha)  He loves people and being the center of attention.   He is sitting on what is left of a  "tree" stand that fell apart the day after I bought it, but the wonderful store gave me half off what I bought it for so I could keep the house part for Toby.  And he loves it sooooo much.  It's funny.  And believe it or not , he curls himself up to fit inside that house area.  (smile)

 YES....They finally got up.  Now I can stretch out all over the bed.

 I want to curl up and I want to stretch out....this is my compromise.

 Yeah, thanks bud....can you grab me another beer?

 Wow, work fascinates us....we can sit and look at it for hours.

Yes, isn't it nice of me to let the humans sleep in MY bed?!

So ENJOY THE PICTURES.   And if you're surrounded by snow as we are....STAY INSIDE where it's SAFE and WARM.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Long awaited pictures of Maliha's newborns

Good morning from Cherished Siberians,  I have gotten some pictures of the 3 kittens Maliha had at the end of February.

Here's our three nursing.

 And kinda hangin' out with mommy.  Doesn't she look contented and sweet?!

 Napping in a pile next to mommy.

 Here's the little white boy.  He looks like he will be a Flame Point.  But time will tell his true colors.

 And our big boy.  A Black Tabby with White.  A Tuxedo coloring. (smile)

And our big Blue Tabby girl.  She's got very good coloring.

Maliha had two large babies and one regular sized.  Maybe that's why she only had 3 (haha).  And, of course, that will not fill all 30 on the waiting list.  BUT    Hoko is due in 2 weeks or less.  And Blue Ridge Siberians is expecting kittens in a week.  So contact my friend, Kim about those as well.

     Right now Culpeper, Va. is getting pelted with snow.  Again.   We are predicted to get 8 to 12 inches today.  So far it is doing a pretty good job of it.   Come on Spring!!
     If you are snowed in today as well, make good use of your time and clean out closets or do a sewing project or bake bread and make soup.  All the things I love to do when I get a snowed in day.  I am doing most of them this winter.     Bye for now.